they walk amongst us

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These ETs we are going to talk about are malevolent in nature and can (for the most part) care less about humans other than we are their food source. Human energy is their preference and they like someone (prefereably a child) in full on fear and/or horror.



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A nasty REPTILIAN race walks amongst us and has enslaved humanity since the beginning of time. We all need to start talking about this openly and we have to get a grip on our fear and quit feeding these kind of slimy slithery animals.

This is a must see interview with David Icke and Arizona Wilder,
who was used as a high priestess for the sacrifices and rituals that the royal family and ruling elite of our world continue to partake of for super natural nasty powers to use against humanity and mother earth.


Remember, no fear, just quit feeding the animals and they can’t survive.

Also, for you dark activists and false light folks who still harass our pages, please share this with one of your kind – Paul Watson (Sea Sheperd & Whale Wars fame/shame) and let him know we are talking about the whale and dolphin industry under his cloud and shining the light on him now. I wonder if he will sic his Sea Sheperd boys upon us once again as has been done regularly in the past)

Wake Up World – Shine the light on the darkness and let’s get rid of it from our world.


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