an orca about swimming

Swimming thru the cosmos is the same as swimming thru water according to the cetaceans

Well let’s just say, there are many who have tried to stop us from the Ascension in the past. But none who will be able to enforce and make this happen again.

This is what these times are about. Emancipating the humans who choose to know them selves – inside and out. Who choose to connect to the Web of Life and live in peace with all BEings upon the Web of Life.



These are great times to be alive when we allow this all to take place. It is a very hectic and chaotic place when we try to control the outcome.


Just BE in that space of knowing. Connected to God (our Creator) and his many wonderful benevolent BEings doing his work – (i.e. the cetaceans & many others) and BE centered in your heart at the same time with no emotional charges – No Dramas – Just BEing. In this place you are safe and watched over.

In this place of human empowerment within, you are truly unstoppable when connected to all things mentioned here . . . all things good and representing love and our connection to each other.


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