inbreeding is a way of life . . .

for Satanists, Luciferians, Illuminati followers and New World Order wannabes.

These folks truly believe that they are superior to other humans because of this interbreeding and having sex with children. I have pictures of children born in the 90s whose eyes glow red and yellow due to their interbreeding parents and grandparents. For ages we have been told red eye is a camera malfunction – WRONG. The camera sees things about one’s souls that the human eye can’t not readily see. Some Native American tribes in New Mexico won’t allow cameras on their reservations because they believe it messes with one’s soul.

So many of these deformities in this video happen because we were never meant to lay down with our father or mother, our brothers or sisters, nor our aunts and uncles. NEVER > > > EVER!!!!

Wake Up World, this is what your leadership (world-wide have been doing for aeons of time now) Ever wonder about blue bloods and the inbreeding of royals?

Learn how to hone your telepathy and intuition skills and you will know TRUTH readily. Otherwise, you remain a SLEEPER and have about as much use on our planet as a bump on a pickle.


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