a conversation with Granny on 7-24-15

Conversation with Granny, a beautiful Orca and Anastasia Maria on Tuesday, 7-21-15

Granny asked me in late 2012 to be her spokesperson going forward. I was like what??? She told me she had some messages she wanted delivered to mankind and she asked me to use the forum I had worked so hard to create to spread her messages now. The dark attacks had been happening for a few years by this time in an attempt to stop me but I had no idea in December that these attacks would turn deadly, killing one pet and keeping me wondering for the next 6 months how much longer I could endure these daily attacks dozens of times a day.

So I am stepping into my big girl shoes and dress and I am going to do what Granny asked me to do a few years back. I had a lot of childhood abuse in my life and I have had many reasons to stay in fear and remain silent. But God, Granny & Jesus, my favorite Ascended Master are asking me to channel their messages and raise awareness this way again as we turn the corner in time.

This is the first of many new posts by one of our favorite orcas, the largest member of the dolphin family – one of my very favorite orcas EVER, Granny. She is guesstimated by scientists to be over 100 years old. My favorite finned girl tells me it is more like 121 years.

The whales, dolphins and all animals of our planet are very interested in speaking with the human race and assisting them with the Planet’s Ascension as well as their own Ascension. The time is NOW to begin the conversations again.

Anastasia: Hello, my dear girl, friend and family. How are you doing these days Granny?

Granny: When I am in the 3D world on Planet Earth, it can be quite a bit challenging with all the energies we have here. These chaotic energies make our children jittery and jumpy along with their mothers, brothers, uncles, aunts and parents. We are a matriarchal society, so what happens to one of our pod happens to us all. We all come together to make great change when something is out of balance within our community. In recent years, all the things in the broader community that have been ignored and overlooked on purpose do cause a lot of chaotic energies for us and we have to work harder to just BE in the present moment. Much like the majority of you humans right now. Tough times but cleansing times if you use this opportunity to the best of your ability.

Anastasia: I was so sure that the Earth was ascending at the end of August last summer Granny, the signs I was seeing. The sun, the moon and nature were singing to me. What happened?









Granny: We didn’t make it that go round. Everything was set up perfectly for our success this time Anastasia, but we didn’t see some of the obstacles that were invented to bring this great transformation to an end. And what I can tell you that I know for sure Anastasia. I know the Spirit World tells you this almost daily during your water blessings. We are in a great position to turn this all over. There has been so much incredible energy work given to us by the human race on Earth and by so many benevolent (ETs) Beings who are doing whatever they can to assist us in the emancipation of the human race. The energy reserves we have set up in the cosmos from all the loving energies you all send to us daily, many of you multiple times a day. We have more to work with than we have throughout history. We are incorporating all this beautiful, peaceful, loving, great transformation energy into the tapestry of life we have been re-weaving for our Universe. A new foundation for the Web of Life that cannot be used and abused as it has been in the past. A foundation where love will take root and grow in too many ways to count. A World where Peace will prevail and where hearts can mend and live like you were always meant to live. In Freedom, in love, in peace . . . with food for ALL, housing for all, there will be no more of this nonsense that has ruled this Earth and your Universe for ions of time. This phase is over, we are in great transformational mode now. Get close to God, our Creator and know him and his followers. There will be much new knowledge given to those who believe in their connection to the Web of Life and all good Spirits upon your Planet and within your Cosmos. By starting a conversation with these benevolent Creators and Spirits of this new world, you begin to engage our world in the way it was always meant to be. With you gaining your own knowledge. Not with a Electric Box (TV Sets) giving you pre-selected data to confuse and mislead you. As you realized in the beginning, they know you humans are truth tellers, so they give you enough to rope you in and then change the ending of the stories. DISCERNMENT IS KEY right now for all Beings. And if you take all energies into your heart, we will help you learn this skill and hone it. Just call on us and we will join you in the now and share our heart energy with you.

Anastasia: Thank you Granny, you cetaceans have been beautiful to us humans and I so appreciate your presence, your love and your advice or you just sharing your wisdom with us.

Granny: And I say the same to all the humans like you who continue to do whatever is needed to move this over at your own detriment in many ways. We cannot thank you all enough and we cannot express enough how much we celebrate your life and your beautiful hearts in our world.

Anastasia: Granny, I realize now looking back over the last 5 years that there is so much corruption around the whales and dolphins in our world. There are many activists who preach about freedom and preach who can be so hateful to the people who are on the captive side or anyone who even looks at a picture of a captive dolphin or whale. I have not been able to wrap my mind around this until the last 2 years and then a bit concerned about being the one to voice this and endure more attacks.

Granny: The communities around the whales and dolphins have been corrupted for ions of time. People leading corrupted lives over and over again and using the whales and dolphins in the interim for their own personal gains. This began around the time that these malevolent Beings began to hold the human race down not allowing the humans to be able to know who they were at their core and how precious their hearts were and what great meters for all things good and just their hearts would lead them to. A truth meter for every human being upon Earth yet you all have been fooled to believe that knowledge and keen wit are the true skills. They are smoke screens – authentic love energy comes from the heart and cannot be logically concluded through anger, self righteousness and ego. Only with love will this all happen.

Anastasia: There are some pivotal people amongst the whales and dolphins vocalizing freedom for them and a better life style but I am seeing something really dark that lies underneath. Can you speak to this Granny?

Granny: Many ways to recognize these folks these days. Fear in their hearts that shows itself as hatred to others, aggression to other humans, intimidation to those around them that they dare not challenge their anger or ways of creating fear. Bullying is a means that these folks are very familiar with and they will use it however needed to stop a human being in their tracks. This has been the true masterminding of the dark, all the ways to lead the human race down a path of fear, anger and helplessness. It is a feeding ground for these people who lead with fear . . . who work with our malevolent extra terrestrial population here within our cosmos. Who appear to have a much different agenda than we do when we sit down at the table and look at the facts. But these leaders will lie to you in a heart beat. They will insult and take down others in front of everyone, so that no one dares challenge them. While pretending to be our saviors in one breath, they control the way all things are done around us to keep you the human race from truly knowing us on this spiritual level. They do not want us to share our knowledge with you or to remind you how to activate your own knowledge throughout the ages. They want you stuck and if you try to do anything that speaks of freedom, you will be their next target as they spin out of control on your Planet.

Anastasia: So what do we do Granny?

Granny: You quit engaging the enemy on their level. You ground yourself in energy each day and you sing out your truths. You raise awareness with a heart filled with love and you point out when others are singing out hatred. This is how they have ruled throughout the ages, with brute force and louder voices to the point of threats and actual violence if not adhered to.

Remember, this is many lifetimes coming together now and being healed; not just this lifetime. So although someone may be presenting themselves as great heroes of the whales and dolphins it has been their history in the majority of lifetimes they have lived to harm the whales and dolphins and keep them imprisioned in this same environment that they have kept all animals of this planet imprisoned. You humans really think you are free here on Earth. You are only appearing as more intelligent than the humans with all your questions . . . so they are very good at singling you kind of humans out from the others. Those who want knowledge and to grow upon the Web of Life has never set well with them. And they have killed many people and many cetaceans throughout their many lifetimes to run their own dark agendas. This is break point time and all is being revealed to the world about who is who. Ask us whales to help you remember this information and details. And then please use your hearts and go forth and make great HEART change in our world. There are so many down trodden humans, animals, Mother Earth, her plants, her land, etc . . . When you use your heart and you speak up about the unspeakable things on our Planet. You end the silence and the abuse that comes with the silence that people buy into around these hot bed issues. It takes true heroes to shine the light on the darkness. Because at this stage of the game, shining the light on the darkness makes it have to leave our Planet or it gives us the opportunity to see their TRUE nature and how they use and abuse others around them. Someone who is about love and peace will find new means to the end results they want to see. A desperate person doing the work of the dark wants to win at all costs and will insult you if you try to intercede. The attention BELONGS on the bullies and huge EGOs in this industry who bring more attention to themselves than to those they are saying they are saving. Love can heal all – hatred & denial will show ones true colors in our world going forward. Beings who want and project Peace and Love to prevail will do whatever it takes to bring it on. Malevolent Beings will make you feel stupid and inept and chasize your for even questioning their motives.

Anastasia: So this is a Wake Up call for all humans.

Granny: Yes indeed it is, especially while the human languages upon your planet trump all other communications on your planet. Your way of communicating through your many languages on this planet were set up for confusion and misunderstandings. The Universal Language of mental telepathy is the language of the heart, where truth can be read easily as it exits the heart and goes to work upon our Universe and our planet and all other planets in this galaxy. Humans need to know this skills set and how to discern truth. Two very important skills for these times.

Anastasia: So how do you suggest I proceed in an industry with so many bullies and so much bullying?

Granny: First and foremost, let me remind you and others that there is good and bad in every sector of our wold. Be it the cetaceans, governments, politics, weather reporters, cable guys, etc . . . Just because one person or many are bad in a sector, does not make the whole sector worthless. It just means that some house cleaning is in order. If people are not willing to do the self work to pull this whole revolution off, then the rest of the world needs to view this for what it is – UNWILLINGNESS to try something new for change. A human being grounded in their heart center does not have to lead all the time, they are willing to follow, willing to try new ways to do things and always willing to leave a beautiful impression of new ways to do things with their heart and their actions. There are a lot of minorities who are hurting beyond hurt these days. HELP THEM – they are your brothers and sisters.











Anastasia: Thank you Granny for sharing your wisdom & overview of knowledge with us.

Granny: Thank you Anastasia for your heart and for not giving up.

Anastasia: And Thank You Granny for helping me to Wake Up and to take me place upon the Web of Life. I could not have done any of this without you at my side encouraging me and helping me to see the way. I love you; you are family.


Granny and the next generation


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