The Ugly Truth behind Whale Communicators – the early years- with Mary Getten and her ‘friends’.

Mary Getten loves reptiles and whales. You decide if she is naughty or nice. I have had my fill of this dark one.

Mary refused to be on Facebook (6 months into working on this project) after we began in 2010. I was horrified in late 2013, after almost being killed that year by dark forces to get an email that she was joining her friends Madeleine Walker and Anne Gordon on Facebook now. I did a google image search and this is just one of the dark photos that was posted on her behalf. Mary J. Getten is not at all who she pretends she is to our world. The other was her husband who had devil horns on. Not pictured, for a whole other story on Mary’s devious ways at a later time.

Our world is full of fakers, posers and pretenders doing unsavory things behind people’s backs. I represented and saw some things in the dolphin and whale industry since 2008 that need to be addresses and that humans need to shine a light on. I am outing the darkness. When we talk about these things we can effectively change our world.

I am dedicating this page to some dark & ugly folks whose behavior needs to be brought into the light of day for all to see.  Please share this page with others to raise awareness and start these important conversations that can change the world.

Whale Watching Trips are in full swing for recruiting now. We no longer endorse or never did* endorse (*asteric by name) these following people and their trips.


I was horrified to learn who was who behind the smiles and wonderful things whales and dolphins they had been advertising for years when I almost died in early 2013 and my 7 year old cat was indeed killed by black magic and the black arts. I didn’t know this kind of sh%t even existed in our world.

CAUTION FOR ANY ASSOCIATION WITH THE FOLLOWING (my experience left me short of breath & horribly sick to my stomach at all the betrayal among those whom I had promoted for almost 3 years full time to that point. Short of breath I was – not breathless. These are not friends or kind people folks – my apologies for representing them in this light)

Mary Getten (florida based)

Anne Gordon of Panama & the Embera Tribe & Whale Wear & Earth Healing Group and Dolphin Healing Group

Madeleine Walker (UK Whale Whisperer)

Eric Ehrke – Madelines’ friend and recommendation to me to share Whale Communications in early 2010. I loved Eric, he works in psychicatry and has a large practice. He went WAY south on me in 2013. Eric is not of the light – just like Madeleine. DARK dark Dark stuff.

Penelope Smith – the Grandmother of Animal Communication – website – Animal Talk. I especially warn of the attacks by her animal communication forum upon whomever these ladies decide they don’t like. Teresa Wagner is a bottom dweller here.

Sierra Goodman – Divine Dolphin* and I Am I Am, She also has a diet book out sharing with others how much weight she has lost but she doesn’t tell people she has gained over half of that weigth back now and continue to make money off lies, lies and more lies to the human race. TOXIC crazy woman.

Teresa Wagner (Animals in Our Hearts & Sacred Activism and Sacred Swims on FB). Theresa is a close friend of Sierra Goodmans. When I saw the two attacking me over the years and brining in their friends in droves to attack me, I didn’t understand what was behind this all. I went to Teresa’s webpage and was horrified to see this woman holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and this is how she interfaces with the human race. I let Teresa go from our project the first 6 months because of her toxicity. Very sick woman who plays badly behind other’s backs.

Nancy Windheart  – Animal Communicator with Penelope’s network

Celeste Eaton – Hawaii

Cyndie Lepori – Dolphin Hugz for You

Nancy Windheart – from Penelope Smith’s animal communicators network.

Ocean Defenders (or Ocean Pretenders actually) – Hawaii or Oriana’s g-string photographs

Linda Shay – Dolphin Heart School or Dolphin School

Gene Flipse – Conscious Breath Adventures

Mark Franklin – iWhales or Oceania Project*

Joan Ocean* – Hawaii

Mayas Whale Watch (Capt Jim broke his agreement with us to use their pictures after 5 years of advertising them in 2014- I told Capt Jim I would continue to use his pictures going forward for a new DVD without these dark players (and that I would not pull the old old DVD with those players as I was intending to do at that time) and I also told him I  would eventually replace our orca representative for pictures with future pictures with someone who was a more aligned with the orcas needs and with what we were saying instead of standing on the sidelines judging us. My agreement with Jim when we began was I would advertise him for free in exchange for a Unity Community exchange of advertising him and his business. Jim let me use his pictures to advertise him but never endorsed Whale Communicators or myself and I did advertise Mayas Whale Watch with thousands of shout outs on our websites and social networks for 5 years – Blackfish must have been good to him) I only used his pictures in the DVD for resale but did not use them for anything else but promotion for him and to raise awareness about who the whales and dolphins really are.

I was absolutley horrified to see Jim Maya advertising Sierra Goodman’s post to his page while I was running for my life in 2013. But this is a part of the darkness around the orcas in the San Juan Islands and the Ken Balcombs and brother Howie and Susan of Orca Network and behind Blackfish. This is how the people up there interact with humanity. It is about control of information and money in my honest humble opinion and from what I have seen with my own eyes since 2006

sample of dark ones who come to our Facebook pages now

Since April of 2014, it appears that Facebook only allows the dark ones to peruse our pages. There is a cancerous underbelly in our world of horrible fakers, posers and pretenders who have a really dark agenda behind all their actions.In particular with players we represented in the early days of whale communicators (animal communicators and whale and dolphin activists and enthusiasts) as being good folks. I am finally finding my voice after over 5 years of black magic and black arts attacks on me and my business and naming these fakes to the world. My cat was killed in 2013 and I didn’t think I was going to survive the first 6 months of 2013. And I LIVED and I am telling all NOW.  ~Anastasia

I love Frieda Kahalo and I love her artwork. Look at all these years later, even she was representing this cancerous underbelly of our world in her painting. So glad the end of this darkness is going down as we watch it.

I love Frieda Kahalo and I love her artwork. Look at all these years later, even she was representing this cancerous underbelly of our world in her painting. So glad the end of this darkness is going down as we watch it.

My post about these low life dark ones who continue to attack our Facebook pages and websites with their dark agendas. People please help me spread the word on how these lowlifes are operating and who they are. Without shining the light on the darkness in our world this cancerous underbelly continues to mutate & doesn’t die out quickly.  The light and encasing these folks in a energetic bubble of God’s love and cetacean energies is a better send off than they have ever deserved.  This morning on Facebook – 3-17-16

The crown represent secret socieitys, the elite and royalty and reptilians. Look at the raped Mother Earth in the background while Dora laughs in the face of humanity.

The crown represent secret socieities, the elite and royalty and reptilians. Look at the raped Mother Earth in the background while Dora laughs in the face of humanity.

This is a ripe and dark profile liking our posts this morning. I am under heavy psychic attack here now 6 years later and I am laughing about it and they can’t friggin touch me any more and I am smiling ear to ear about that and making my dreams of wiping out all darkness here on Earth so the humans, the whales, the dolphins, Mother Nature and all benevolent BEings can truly live in a heaven on Earth.

So I am bumping up my clearing of the darkness on the Planet and I want to thank Dora for the inspiration this morning. Because of you, my inspiration to rid our world of people who allow darkness to possess them even bigger! You will feel it completely in 3 days. You will have absolutely no more 6th senses and no magic powers of any kind by then.

I love this picture on Dora’s page (picture of Frieda above)  but I think she is misinterpreting it. Frieda was not a sell out – Frieda highlighted the problems in our world. Thus the darkness and the black bird and the butterflies. She was hinting at the world about the cancerous underbelly of our world. The club that Dora and many who come to my page are members of. Also be sure to check out Doras natural eye color on her page and then how she looks when she is allowing the dark to take possession of her. (One cannot make this sh%t up folks.)


dora’s eyes are light in her MANY fb selfies, however, when the eyes go dark like this – tell tale sign that demonic possession or dark entity possession is occurring.

In fact, I believe that Facebook has my alogarythms set to these kind of folks only and have let some of the dark ones I represented in 2009-2011 use my leads as their own now and use the merits of my hard work while I have been run out a means to make a living or keep a roof over my head long term.

The tide has turned and dora – Peeps like you are thru.

Pod Mates, I hope each of you will take a moment to peruse Dora’s page (see photo to left) or some of the other likes and comments on our pages in the past few years (not all but an overwhelming amount of dark in comparison to light humans coming to these pages). Facebook cut off all new comers being added to our pages in April of 2014 and I have lost over 2000 since then. We use to have people swarm to our pages to the tune of 500-2000  a week – Now Facebook gives these leads to those who took me down and never ever slapped the wrists of those attacking me when it was going down to tune of 1000s in a night. They did suspend me for saying to one of these attackers I was tired of this shit and would not let me back on my own page for 24 hours. This all shows how the sellouts operate and think – which is on the lowest vibration of any vibrational chart in our world. Because in this place, this is where the dark ones can come in and possess them and then feed off the same low vibrating energy that they are into. Sell Outs who have been sold out. Vicious circle.

 And Facebook has made how much money off this invention Mark Zuckerburg stole from his friend. And Facebook has watched and allowed thousands of attacks on me on my page over the years. They have allowed some of these dark ones access into my FB pages to make changes and gather their own leads.

judges-gavelAnyone know a really good lawyer – This needs to see the light of day and if I have to transmute these dark energies in a court room, I am willing to go there now that I know what is behind this all and how they operate.

 I will split any monetary rewards for the 7 years plus of DAMAGES –  50/50 to see Facebook be held accountable for what they are doing to the human race and small honest businesses attempting to bring peace and wisdom to the world.

Wake Up World!!!

Whale-watchingWhale Watching season is recruiting who they want to spend BIG BUCKS with them this year. I do not recommend the following false ones. Click post below to see whose who in this industry of traitors.

Time to Take you money for Whale Trips

These fakes want your money for their whale trips and would love your soul as well. Are you spiritual strong enough to handle what they have for you. Or like me, do you have 3-5 years to figure out what they hell was cast upon you. Learn from my mistakes on this one. Trusting Mary Getten and her friends is not condusive to learning the truth about the cetaceans or our history here on Earth.

Wolf-MaskPost will permanently reside here on my offshored website so that these peeps (friends of Mary Getten) or the US government cannot change my words, edited my work or malign me some more with their actions and black arts. If you want to see some of the dark ones who set me up and attempted to take me down in 2010 to now, they love the business our pages have brought, only problem was they wanted me completely out of my own picture I dreamed and envisions and put out to the world. So many sheep in wolf’s clothing. Wake Up Word and know that the wolf is a huge symbol among the dark secret societies right now. They like to laugh in our faces at our ability to see the best in people.




The truth, your heart and dropping all illusions will set your soul free Humans!!!

When I first began Whale Communicators in 2008 as I had ventured upon my own healing journey early in that year. I lost 8 people I loved to death in a 14 month period of time. My life was turned on it’s head and then turned inside out and outside in. I was hurting.


3Orcas-1sBabyThe dolphins and whales helped bring me out of my shock, grief and dismay. I finally for the first time in my 48 years on this earth had some thing I knew was true. I had wisdom being communicated to me through mental telepathy from these Wise Ones and I began to learn a different history about these beauties and about our existence here on Earth and within our Universe. I learned that anyone can communicate with them and learn with them and even be healed by them by just asking.


And a lot of people pretending to be light who actually worshiped dark deities and whom also participated in witchcraft, rituals, cannibalism, sacrifices and satanism all in a quest to gain power over others. Or to make someone else’s life a living horror in an attempt to exterminate another human life  . . .  literally.

I learned there was a lot of false light pretending to be protectors of the whales and dolphins and or the voice for these Wisdom Keepers in our world over the years. And what I found was a whole lot of illusion going on in this industry and among it ranks. In early 2010 – I began to be attacked in what I finally know to be ‘gangland attacks’ to shut me up. My cat was killed and I was almost killed the first 6 months of 2013. Attacks still come on a regular basis to get me to stop what I am doing. My means to make a living has been wiped out. My websites, emails and social networks are filtered and then censored by the government until Jan 2016 when I offshored my web hosting to prevent the US Government from spying on me spreading love and stopping my means to make a living) I have had very little say in about the flow of this site for a few years now and am always amused when I am hacked and advertising some of these marauders who were involved in attempting to take me down. (Actually just made me more determined now.)


I called Lol my little psychic kitty. She is shapeshifting here about 3 months before her death. I would often see her acting like this little caracal, african wildcat you can actually see in the picture. I was blown away when I caught this on film. And after her murder by black magic, I was so thankful to have this picture.

And what they mistook of me is they just they outraged me with their actions and truly pissed me off with their lies and their illusions and I won’t EVER shut up now!!! They killed my cat Lola, a 7 year old ‘fraidy cat’ I watched her die in 3 months in pain and immense fear and there was nothing I could do to stop the psychic (invisible) attacks to her stomach. This became PERSONAL at this point. And I will now OUT everyone involved in this nasty deceptive behind my back TAKE DOWN. I have kept silent these past few years because of the intensity of the attacks and being driven to poverty. But I am in a good place within my heart and my entire BEing and I am so ready for the TRUTH to prevail.

These attacks are energetic in nature – High technology and black arts are used in unison to impose its wrath upon the human race and keep them in fear and dummied down. And if that doesn’t work, they can zap you with their HAARP equipment via GPS (cell phones) and take you out that way! Hmmmmm

Trash Talking and Dark Action Walking Folks pretending to be something good & honest.

You saw me advertise many of these people our first few years here on Facebook. They allowed me to advertise them continuously for their trips and services, all while they smiled to my face & communicated a different aspect of who they truly are underneath to everyone else. They presented themselves to me as good folks who are sharing the messages and all things cetacean. Go to Google images and do a Whale Communicators search or a Heart Communicators search and you can still see all the false light who insists on advertising under our good name since they have no good reputation to stand upon.

darkness-dTo watch the actions of the following people and their friends and teams and how they conduct their businesses for the last 6 years. To see them ALL talk out both sides of their faces . . . To see their dark allegiances with other folks in our world and within thier inner circles . . . (i.e. Paul Watson, Rick O’Barry, Mary Getten, Joan Ocean, Penelope Smith, Anne Gordon, Cyndie Lepori, Sierra Goodman, Teresa Wagner, Madeleine Walker (Whale Whisperer, sad little lady), Mark Francis Franklin of iwhales and Oceania Project, Celeste Eaton, Joe Noonan, Linda Shay & many others.)

Discernment is key in our world at this time. And this false light may very well take you down with them if you give them your money and the opportunity.

Wake Up World – pull back the curtains and quit plugging into the false light and fake goodness of our world. It’s a completely false matrix operating here. All this gold in our world is not full of goodness, some of it is downright nasty and dark.

Plug into the Web of Life and all benevolent BEings. It’s a choice! Save Yourself, you are the only one who can do this now – No one else can do this for you!!!

CONNECT – genuinely


Ric O’Barry is one of the biggest sell-outs the dolphins have ever seen on Earth. Wake Up World

The illuminati symbolism and the satanism hand signs he and his son display are hideous at best. Bottom line, Ric is still making a ton of money off the dolphins and not telling the whole story.

The illuminati symbolism and the satanism hand signs he and his son display are hideous at best. Bottom line, Ric is still making a ton of money off the dolphins and not telling the whole story.

This man is not alone, Paul Watson’s womanizing with girls young enough to be his grandchildren, his attitude and his bullying of other folks and encouraging the bullying among his sea sheperds is deplorable. Skull & Cross bones have been a satanic symbol for quite some time and I think Paul Watson is a perfect example of one of the BIGGEST BULLIES of all times. A malignant narcissist who has been allowed to roam unthethered. What a dark fake and a fraud who sends his little minions out to bully others. I had someone threathen they were going to sic the Sea Sheperd Boys on me and he didn’t respond. This is cowardly behavior. He had responded before. He represents agression and evil and I believed his organization is dishonest and not sharing all with our world.

Pete Bethune told of him sabotaging and sinking his own boat a few years back. Pete Bethune is hung out to dry and dimissed in a blaze of chaos and with the bullying intellect of Paul Watson right on his heels. And Watson is given a new boat the next year for his Whale Wars sitcom.

What happened to Paul’s baby momma of mid 20s Sarah from 2010. He got rid of that young thing quick  and his illegitimate child and married a younger russian girl now. This man is no HERO, he is just another ZERO.

Human Race, Paul is doing the same thing to young women as he is to the whales and dolphins. He’s expoliting them!


I was on Facebook with Whale Communicators for less than 6 months when a man by the name of Bartok Ramsey doing a documentary on Pilot Whales told me he was going to sic the Sea Sheperd Boys on me. I wrote Paul Watson and Rick Oberry what they were doing about this in our world. Neither one replied although they had replied before. And neither on allowed me back when Whale Communicators was taken down and our 5000 people given away. I wrote Paul an email and he ignored me as well. This is a bully at the head of a BULLY ORGANIZATION

BEWARE – so many fakers and posers all over our world claiming they are Shamans (many gather around indian sacred grounds because this is the only way they can steal energy these days . . .


This shaman’s robe Shoshana Avere is loaded with symbolism in the animals and in its colors. How blatant this one is. It makes my stomach turn. It is a slap in the face to every authentic shaman on our Planet and the people they serve. Her robe has illuminati symbolism all over it – the fox, the wolf, the cougar and the owl for starters on that nice reddish background. Isn’t Shoshana Avree someone’s special little minion!




shoshana avree, best friend & drinking buddy to Mary Getten (Communicating with Orcas: The Whale’s Perspective). Also a Pretender of the light. Please note on Shoshanna’s Shaman’s ‘make believe’ robe (pictured above) there is a cougar, a fox, a own & a wolf. All animal symbolism that the Illuminati pretends to work through. I say pretend, because their magic is so NOT what it use to be. Talk about drying up.


Shoshana you charged me $300 for a 1.5 hour journey session back in 2010. You told me to follow up if I had any questions. I did twice, you only responded once and kept the rest of my money. You had just moved to Texas and I had paid you over 6 weeks earlier. I told you I would just take my money back if you couldn’t do the journey with me after a month and half. Our mutual friend at the time kept on telling me of all the bars you were hitting as you were trying to drum up some new Shamanic business in Austin, TX.

You were really rude when I forced your hand on meeting me at the plate or refunding my money. You hastily made the appointment for that afternoon and I was totally unimpressed with what you call your Shamanic skills. Nothing from that appointment resonated with me except for some kind of deception kept on registering. I know now what that was all about. Stealing innocent souls. Nasty people you and your best buddy Mary are when one pulls back all the layers of illusion.

Mary Getten and Shoshana Avree are great drinking buddies. Shoshana shared with me how she takes her own pony keg to the Fairy Congress each year for that weekend. Folks, you can’t have a spiritual experience when your loaded – you allow all kinds of other sh%t to come in if you do as Mary and Shoshana have been doing for decades now and have exemplified for the same amount of time.


There are many Many MANY people on this Earth who are truly heroes, who can talk the talk and walk the talk. And they do it with style. We need more heroes to lead start-up communities of people unifying and carrying high vibrating messages forward to our world.  The message of Peace and  an opportunity for every benevolent BEing upon our Planet to belong to a community in which everyone is revered, respected and esteemed. Then and only then do we have the foundation laid for true Peace to take root. ~Anastasia

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