let it shine

Shine your light all over the world now. We so need people in their JOY, LOVE, Bliss, Happiness, Charity, Unity Consciousness, Harmony and more LOVE. When we consciously vibrate at these higher levels of vibration instead of going to fear, apathy, hatred, anger, sarcasm, we raise the vibration of the mass consciousness of the planet and we literally change the energy of the heart of Mother Earth. We are so connected and what we choose to do or not do at this time is playing out amazingly.

We must shine the light on the darkness in our world today. This is the only way to eradicate this kind of behavior in our world. Out it, if we do not allow it to live in the recesses of the darkness – it cannot survive any longer. We all deserve a life of LOVE and great hope and peace for all BEings who make it through.

However, that said, if you have suffered from bad abuse in your life. Be sure you are prepared from some pushback from the people involved and their friends and family and very possibly your own family will turn on you. Think all the worse case scenarios and best case scenarios and if you can handle them all  to some degree . . . proceed with caution and heart. If you are being triggered on things, go ahead and wait a while longer. Your heart will let you know when you are ready.

I love SURVIVORS – such heart – such viewpoints and character. THRIVERS and Way Showers going forward, should they chose this role. Or whether their bright light will speak for itself.

Blessings and Blissings to all who have suffered at the hands of others.


Leave no trace upon the Earth but the footprints of your compassion and the echoes of your laughter… ~Ann Oshiro-Kauwe~♥

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