conversation w/humpback 2016

A Conversation with a Humpback Whale regarding our New Year 2016

Anastasia: Good Morning you beautiful and bright wisdom keepers. How are you this New Year 2016?
Humpback Whale: We have been in much better times in our waters in the past but we can see the future brightly and it gives us so much energy to move forward. The energies are no longer stuck like they have been in the past. The flow to these new energies is unlike anything we have even experienced to date in this Universe.
And we humpbacks say to you humans, “Grow Up – Grow into your empowered beautiful light bodies, don’t stay small any longer. The opportunities and the advantages of being in your heart and connected to the Web of Life will bring many miracles into everyday life and make your ascension and transformation all that much faster. All healing is accelerated now.
Anastasia: Talk to me about something I think many people are wondering who have been doing the positive forward moving work with you . . . The dark ones in our world who are acting out so bad. Will someone who has practiced black magic and the occult move forward in this lifetime?
Humback Whale: Our Creator is a benevolent BEing with the biggest heart within our Universe. His heart is bigger than our blue whales hearts in the ocean. Each person’s path to go on in the reincarnation cycle or leave our Universe will be based upon cumulative lifetimes, not just this lifetime. There is so much karma being played out here. Our God is an awesome God and even with his wayward children, he has gone more than the extra mile to help and assist all his children. And based upon this, he is making some difficult decisions about his creations.
Anastasia: What can humanity expect to see in 2016?
Humpback Whale: More things breaking down and falling apart and more humans moving towards ascension and completeness. There will not be the confusion that the dark ones have been able to veil the humans with for centuries now. More things will be out in the open and in the light. And each human has much more power in their intuitive toolbox to carry out this grand awakening now.
Anastasia: Oooooh, oooooh, oooooooh . . . I so like the ring of this answer, can you expand upon this my dear wise one?
Humpback Whale: To continue rising and going forward on your ascension, many of you have learned you have had to change your entire lifestyle from what you once knew as truth (which was indeed smoke and mirrors to keep you imprisoned & stuck from moving forward) to what is truly important in our world – Our connection to the Web of Life and everything upon it.
As all the awakening humans know from experience, continuing relationships with low vibrating people who spread fear, hatred, anger and malice upon our planet will take any and everyone down going forward. You must disconnect from this false matrix upon your Planet and within your Universe. You must be aligned with the authentic power within our Universe – the HEART. The heart of our Universe, the heart of our Earth and all planets within our galaxy and aligned with all benevolent BEings upon our planet. It is within this space that all things will grow and expand exponentially and bring us to our complete emancipation from the marauders of this Universe.
Know that this is a different ball game now. Completely different. Anastasia, I know you have experienced this several times now in recent months, can you expand upon what you are seeing as a human form.
Anastasia: I know that lying and deceiving others has puttered out on the energy scale and people who choose darkness and the black arts are seeing some strong and disheartening push back unto themselves and the karma and history of what they have done is being brought front and center to each of these individuals and it is make or break time for the dark. Either we heal our world going forward or we leave it. And some people have done such horrible things throughout history that they will be removed from the reincarnation cycle and removed from our Universe permanently and there are people who have been victimized and became victims and then went onto abuse others. These people will be individually judged by God & our Universal Laws and then only our benevolent Creator can decide who stays and who leaves permanently. I know through so many discussions with God removing these dark ones from our Planet for the last 3 years that this is a decision that has been very difficult for God to make. We are all his children and as our Father – his love for us is immense and he has wanted to see all of us succeed. However, many have made it known, they will have none of this and this is what has brought us to this invisble war. We are in the crux of World War III right now. It is a Spiritul War being played out within our Universe, upon our Planet and within the heart and soul of every BEing upon our Planet whether they want to acknowledge it or not.
Humpback Whale: The energies are primed for all hearts now to use these beautiful energies and wrap the dark in this beautiful light, this will allow God and the whales and dolphins to give much needed assistance to humanity by healing or ridding our planet of all the excesses. We all have stepped up to the plate of this side of things and we now ask the human race to assist us by envionsing (or imagining) every dark situation you witness enshrouded with the rainbow healing energies of the Asended Master Jesus. And as you imagine the rainbow energies swirling all around the receiver bring in the rose essence of Mary Magdalene, Jesus’ partner in life who aspired to bring his teachings to all humans to free all human hearts. Then ask that all this energy be encapsulated in a heart that surrounds each person. Now ask the whales and dolphins to fill these hearts up with healing love to mix with the rainbow healing energies of Jesus, the rose essense of Mary Magdalene and I ask God to provide miracles on top of all this wonderful energy. Then sit back humans and watch miracles take place around you. The changes can be either dramatic or very subtle but make no mistake, Love is healing our world by humanity doing these kind of things to move our world forward. Thank You all who have worked so hard and are now just waking up and beginning their own spiritual journey. It’s a journey . . . not a race. Just concentrate on your hearts.
Anastasia: Thank you Humpback whales for some beautiful insight into this world as it is.
Humpback Whale: Thank you Anastasia for all you have done and continue to do. Thank you to all your friends, clients and pod mates who have struggled as you have holding the light energy for the planet and our Universe. All of the never ending love and healing that is sent to us all day long in our hearts, in our water ways and upon our Planet do NOT go unnoticed and indeed energize our journey. Thank You, We love you all.

Anastasia: Thank You for Everything!
Conversation on Saturday, Jan 2, 2016 at 7:30am

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