Whale Tales – I’ve got scars too . . .


Anastasia Maria’s first telepathic encounter with a wild dolphin who told her she could call him Sparky. Anastasia relied, Sparky??? And he responded, Yes,, becaus eI am like you;-full of fire and life”.



We all have the power within to heal ourselves.





modern medicine does not care about eradicating disease at the root cause (the human diet of poison in processed foods and GMOs). Chemical medicines at best, provide a band aid to a situation, they don’t cure too root problem.





When we do planetary work with the high selves of all the other planetary and universal healers of the planets, we truly enhance our own healing powers. It is incredible to witness and be a part of it all. When we come from our hearts in a pure manner, we are able to hold more and more of the REAL magic upon the Web of Life. The God magic.


When we come together with our brothers and sisters of the rainbow from all over our planet with love in our hearts and great hope for positive change for Mother Earth. This Unity Consciousness is what will change our world in record time.


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