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Where ever you are upon the Web of Life. Please take 5-55 minutes per day to connect yourself to our Creator, to Mother Earth and to our Cosmos. Ask for protection that only benevolent Beings are privy to the things shared here and nothing dark can enter or interfere with these blessings or its participants.


I am being reminded by my favorite ascended master, Jesus and the whales and dolphins that now is the time to really layer on the love and the sparkle and glitter. I love do this with the rainbow healing energies of the son of God, Jesus. It is amazing healing energy. Just ask if you may use it and watch for miracles all around.HandsHealing-TonyHyland

Spread it generously all out in nature. In the atmosphere greasing the skies so the chemicals turn to pure love falling on everything with the perfect nutrition for all benevolent life. I ask that all malevolent life be marked with a facial rash so they can be more easily recognizable.

Now where ever you are on the Web of Life, connect your root chakra to Mother Earth and then connect your heart to the Cosmos and to God (I call him God – but she/he goes by many names representing this benevolent Creator Universal Energy – They’ll know whose calling :o).

Now imagine connecting your energy and love to all the cetacean energy and rainbow healing love energy we are putting out on the Web of Life from Colorado and every other place we have blessed in this World. Imagine it charging and gaining momentum as it meets the love of others with the same intentions of loving Mother Earth & humanity to wholeness and balance. See the rainbow sparks coming off the changing swirling energies. Paint your vision as you imagine all things coming from a well of great love and wisdom guiding a new day for a Heaven on Earth to thrive until the end of time.

Now see us all joining hands and joining hearts in a intentional miracle making blessing asking to help restore Mother Earth to her best state possible and to clear anything that needs to leave the planet. It doesn’t matter what time we do it, there is no time line in the ethereal world that has to be adhered to.

Ask Granny, my favorite orca to assist you if you have dark gunk you need to get rid of. Once you have metaphorically and visioned the energies you don’t need leaving you and leaving our Earth, we must now fill the space left behind by what we just cleared.

So now begin to paint your world with the beautiful rainbow healing energies of God’s son, Jesus. I love using the higher vibrating energies of Love, Joy, Bliss & Happiness and Harmony. Let’s also invite int he cetaceans, the animals, the insects of our world, the plants, the trees, the orbs and energies of our Planet. Your high self committee and the high self committees of all the Planetary healers throughout the ages. (Your soul’s ultimate wisdom and knowledge banks) When we call on these benevolent helpers for assistance; we remember more than we knew we had known.

When calling in all these other helpers, they love to come and assist us in this Planetary work. But these are not free will beings at this time, so they need an Healing Icon 340x380invitation to assist us. And assist you, join you, spread more magic and joy and bliss than you thought possible and leaving your breathless with new ideas and expanding to new horizons. These benevolent BEing will come to the gatherings with bells and whistles and dancing shoes . . . they certainly will. Spreading lots of love all over our Universe with you and all our brothers and sisters of the rainbow all over this Universe.


If you are new to doing land and water blessings, see the text below for more ideas.

Water & Land Blessings Whale Communicators & Heart Communicators syle

Please send daily blessings of Peace, Love, Compassion, Renewal, Healing & Hope to all our waterways all over our Planet and within our Universe. See these waterways changing their molecular structure with these strong positive intentions. Envision condensation building in the form of dew and rain covering the land masses and cities healing all underneath these energetic umbrella. Imbue these water molecules with Love and Compassion and see these beautiful crystalline water molecules shower down on the cetaceans, the oceans, the humans, the land masses and all of Mother Earth healing all that impedes her growth and success.

All life is PRECIOUS. Please bless all life on our Planet today and send mega blessings, blissings and intentions to the waters of Planet Earth. Imbue this water with LOVE, PEACE, HEALING, HOPE, COMPASSION, RENEWAL, REBIRTH, REGROWTH AND MORE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. See the water shining with crystals of all these wonderful energies. See the rain and precipitation from the skies imbued as well – showering their wonderful blissings all over mankind and enveloping our cetaceans and our ocean life in the warmest fuzziest blanket of Love. Envision people hearts opening wide as this is happening – And SO IT IS Pod Mates ღ¸☆´♥☮ ¸.✿´´¯`•.¸¸. ི♥ྀ☮♥♡❥´´¯`•☆.¸¸. ི♥ྀ ><(((*>♥


For More Thoughts and Ideas that allow your creative juices to imagine all the positive loving ways you can help Mother Earth regain her footing and control over the weather on Planet Earth.

Thanks for Loving Mother Earth and all life upon her,

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