This page is dedicated to those HEROS in our world who step out of their comfort zone and change our world by shining the light on some really dark stuff in our world. They do this not for sensationalism but for TRUTH and to raise awareness. Beautiful strong men, women and HEROES. Thank you to these beautiful courageous people who conquered some huge demons in our world.

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The Heroine’s Journey

Are you a heroine or a hero?

In 1988, American journalist and political commentator Bill Moyers published a book, The Power of Myth.: It brought to light the age old story from across the world related by Joseph Campbell in 1949 called “the hero’s journey.”


We all have a call to the hero or heroine’s journey. Think of the hardest things you’ve had to deal with in your life (death, divorce, aging, what others think of you, loss of career, health issues). Focus on one, and follow the heroine’s journey.


You don’t want to deal with this difficult thing, so you avoid it as long as possible. You take refuge in activities, drink, travel, work, exercise. And still, it own’t go away, so ou have to take action. But you don’t know what to do. You try something, and your’re blocked. You try again.

If you fail, hopefully you ask for help. You find a mentor and learn some ways to approach the problem and what it’ll take form inside you to face it. You try again, now seeing the whole picture more clearly.

If you keep going, you begin to realize this jouney is not just about the problem your’re facing. It’s about YOU. It’s about your character, your courage, your willingness to brave the hardship.

The journey is inward, to your very essence, and a metaphor for finding out what your life is really about — how you live day to day, your dependability, our truthfulness, your sense of wonder, your gratefulness, our steadfastness, your flexibility, your humor, your fears.

Finding out who you are is what the hero’s journey is most importantly about.

Here is one heroine’s journey. A close friend of mine enjoyed a most beloved career. She had a partner and together they created a business that helped people. They were in sync.

And then he was gone. She was devastated and heart-broken fr the loss of the magic they had together. Day to day, she struggled to find joy. She had other work, solitary, meaningful. Bit it didn’t fill her heart. The grief went on, is still going on. She finally decided she had to do something.

She marketed the skills she used with her partner and was turned down several times. She went to a counselor to face the grief. After a time, she went after work that resonated in her heart, this time with a sense of her own strength to do the work alone.

She tells me that she learned isn’t just about how to work alone. It is that she could persevere in the face of her hardest loss. It is that she could count on herself to give her best.

She could be creative on her own. And she could make the new job matter in a different way than the old. She changed to meet the challenge.

Finally, she says, she accepted life on its terms: that deep loss happens to everyone.

Life gives us a chance to take this journey inside to become an everyday hero or heroine. We can meet the challenge.

By Nancy Norman, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, from the newpaper LIFE after 50, musician and former “Intimacy” columnist for the “The Wichita Eagle”. Email her at nancy@pikespeakpublishing.com


EX-Defence Minister Paul T Hellyer has a Disturbing Message to All Americans from Ex Defense Ministor of Canada. I first heard Paul talk on video at a dinner party back in 2011, I knew the information he was sharing was monumental. I posted this things to my Facebook page and they were removed from my page by Facebook sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Aliens are real folks!!! Wake Up!!!!


Paul Hellyer is a Way Shower and a Hero. He spoke about truth when is something not readily available to the American people by their own government officials. I like this guy. I like his info. Do a Google search on videos about him. This man is a wealth of information on government cover-ups, UFO and aliens. Click here for another YouTube video about Paul’s informative work.


One woman I want have showcased for years and praised for the information she brought to our world. I have some doubts about a few things with Cathy Obrien – but I believe what she brought forth is so important to our world so I will continue to share this information at this time and monitor what I am seeing.

Cathy Obrien has quite a story and she wrote a book about it calle TranceFormation of America.  A story of mind control and torture which she and a CIA agent who recognized within her that she was being mind controlled.  With her courageous actions, she was able to escape this life with Mark Phillips, her CIA connection. And in doing this, Cathy has given many others in our world permission to speak up about these kind of horrendous injustices in their lives. Child sexual abuse and physical abuse has not improved at all in our world. CathyObrien-TranformationofAmeirca copyIt is the best way to control the human race. When you do this to a child, one can manipulate and control them until for life. In Cathy’s case, she met Mark who recognized she was being brainwashed. He saved her life.

Cathy O’Brien is an incredibly strong beautiful woman a WAY SHOWER for our world now. If everyone would begin to speak up and follow through on things that need to be exposed in our world, our world would shift in quick order.


She has suffered horrendous torture growing up and into adulthood by the CIA’s MK Ultra Mind Control Program. She has spoke repeatedly about her abusers. She keeps singing her song and raising awareness.

She makes our world a better more authentic place to BE. She gives survivors of this kind of abuse great hope. She is a unsung hero in our world. She has the foresight for what is needed in our world to go forward. And she’s got some darn good suggestions on how to get there.  We have to find that center within each of ourselves . . . where love will take hold and grown and evolve to incredible heights. Cathy is an this and so much more. I admire her strength and courage.

Bless you Cathy and Mark for all you do and for constantly putting your lives at risk to share this information. I love you two!!!

Please click here to watch this 12 minute video that gives you a preview of some horrid things that go on in our government behind the walls. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Laon3_ob54A

Cathy and Mark’s book – Trance Formation of America is a must read by every citizen of our world. Talk about corruption unbridled!!! Check out Cathy and Mark’s Websitehttp://www.trance-formation.com/

Free Your Mind



Do some research on these two ZEROES & their financially close friendship with Epstein. Jeffrey is a pedophilia pimp and Clinton spent tons of time with him and his young underage girls on junkets flying all over the world right after he left office. When the pedophia pimp got caught, Jeffrey’s buddys got together and cut a deal in a court of law. The deal was written by Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr (i can’t make this sh%t up) that gave 3 years time to Jeffrey but none of his rich and famous friends like Bill Clinton could ever be charged for anything related to this. WTF?

PLEASE NOTE: I want to point out one of Cathy O’Brien’s sexual abusers in adulthood during her MK Ultra days. Hillary Clinton performed a sex act on Cathy and had Cathy perform one on her in front of a the friend who delivered her to her at her home. This was done at Hillary’s residence in Washington from my understanding. Disgusting folks behind closed doors.Bill Clinton is known to say that Hillary has bedded more women than he has. Disgusting folks in high places in our government and corporations. Hillary is running for President – Let’s stop the lies here and share this conversation please. Humanity has got to quit acting like sheep and step out of the herd and lead by example. Shine your light on the injustices in the world. Let’s get them out of the dark recesses of our world and seeing the full light of day. Help us rasie awareness and send out this link – https://www.heartcommunicators.com/heros/


Virginia Robert’s is someone’s daughter. She is a wife, a mother and a human BEing worthy of having her truth known around the world. Listen up and take action raising awareness.

Virginia Roberts was used as a high class teenage prostitute for Jeffrey Epstein’s jet setting adventures with his friends in high places. Virginia’s life has been turned upside down for testifying about sleeping with Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz and other high profile men when she was under 15 years of age. Her family of two sons and one daughter with an Austraian karate expert who fell in love with her when meeting her and became her knight in shining armor. She has been hiding out in Colorado for a few years now as it is not safe for anyone to know her where abouts.

Please share Virgina’s information and raise awareness upon the sick tricks of the rich and famous and connected individuals of our world. Click here for more.


Teresa is an incredible young woman and immensely brave to shine the light on satanic ritual abuse and this horrible darkness in our world. For a woman of her age to recount the events and live through this in this way again and show such composure and strength. I love her – she is so brave and she made it out. Her words will heal millions who have also been abused. May God bless all these brave heroes on our page and watch over them daily for all the rest of the days of their lives.

15 Years Old Girl Survive Illuminati Satanic Rituals Abuse Pt 2

15 Years Old Girl Survive Illuminati Satanic Rituals Abuse Pt 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-7jw…


Heros-IsIn my honest humble opinion – all these folks are HEROES in our world. Sticking their necks out and talking their talk and walking it around our world waking up other human beings in the process. And they do this with a lot of judgement and incriminations from others and yet they know they are here to serve a bigger purpose and they willingly time and time again step up to the plate and RAISE AWARENESS  ~Anastasia

Sister Charlette Wells was quite an extraordinary BEing. Thanks to her bravery and courage she broke the Catholic churches secret abuses of nuns and the hundreds of thousands of aborted fetuses born of the rapes perpertrated by priests who were allowed to rape the nuns on a regular basis. The mother superior would give the priest the key to requested nun’s room and the the raping would begin. Take the time to listen to all of Sister Charlettes’s transcript tapes.  (Just Google it or check out the videos and sound clips about Charlette Wells). This woman gave her life so that you would have the knowledge of just how sick the Catholic church is and so that no other humans would have to experience such horrors. Research Sister Charlette’s death, she was killed by a jesuit priest. Hmmmmm

I personally believe (being raised Catholic and fearing God the first 2 decades of my life) that the Catholic church needs to be put out of business permanently and all assets be divested among all victims and their families effected by the catholic churches gross negligence and lying and covering their asses when exposed for the messed up individuals that they are.

Click here to begin an education into backdoor of the Catholic church from Sister Charlette’s point of view as she recounts the torture sessions that would last for weeks by sadistic and masochistic nuns and priests that surrounded her and made her life a living hell.



Way Showers & Whistle Blowers

This is one BRAVE man – Edward Snowden, he gave up a very lucrative job with the NSA to let the American people know how their government was mis-using their information and spying on the American people. His coming forward has changed his life 100%. Most people don’t know nor acknowledge what a HUGE thing he did for humanity. Most sleepers continue to spend their hard earned money and ignore the needs of others less fortunate then themselves. Not Edward, a Way Shower & Truth Teller. I love this man!




I think the world of Mark Phillips and Cathy Obrien for coming together and sharing this information with the public. TRUE HEROES – both of these beautiful people. Click here to watch YouTube video on TRANCE Formation of America.

Leuren_MoretLauren Monet is one of my favorite people on the nuclear programs in our US Government, our HAARP program and so many other science related topics to the horrors of what are being done on our watch by our US Government to Mother Earth.

Please click here to subscribe to her YouTube videos on some very important topics – nuclear leaks, HAARP, fukishima, our oceans, etc . . .

Arizona Wilder is one brave and beautiful human being. She takes great risks as do the others here bringing her information forward. A true Way Shower among us. Please take the time to watch her video called 5-15 Illuminati ET/Spiritual Conspiracy: Arizona Wilder on Illuminati ceremonies.

Some interesting facts in here about the reptilians tie into all this. And she has information about the Arc of the Covenant done in Ethiopia. She talks about the true arc. Where is it??? Egypt!!!!!! . . . WOW

Revelations of a Mother Goddess

The Biggest Secret

David Shurter is my HERO. A survivor who will help many other who listen to what he has to say heal from their own childhood and into adulthood abuses. We all must talk about the unspeakable because when we shine the light on this kind of darkness in our world, the dark cancerous under belly of this world cannot survive.

Wake Up World – We have to speak up and talk about these dark ones in our world and the unspeakable things. Your silence condones this kind of behavior.



Judy Byingon has does some wonderful work as a therapist/counselor for people who have been ritually abused and who suffered from Disassociative Identity Disorder. Fascinating information that is horrifying in its ritual abuse accounts of children as far back as 1953 when the CIA transported Nazi doctors from Hitlers regime and they began to run the MK Ultra Mind Control operations out of the CIA.



Incredible Insight into discovering Satanic Ritual Abuse in your life by a retired spychiatriest, Anne Redelfs, who beautifully brings this dark subject into the light for a major healing. Thank you Anne!

This woman, Anne Redelfs is so very wise . . .  a true healer of the human heart and from Satanic Ritual Abuse


NON Heroes aka ZEROs or Shills & Sellouts


David Icke has been talking about Reptilians, aliens, satanic rituals, a pedophile network world wide and so much more based upon his visions and spiritual revelations he shared with the world. People who try to lead people off the edge of the cliff like this dark network does always give the human race TRUTH first – in order to mislead them about these truths. BE discerning – this is a game for them right now. One more soul is all they need on any given day.

I am disheartened to tell you I ran into a photo of him at a the Groucho club, a known hangout for pedophiles with a well known actor. It make me stomach flip flop.

We will not stand with anyone who does not stand for truth and a purer safer world for all the children of our world.

I also know that the ones brave enough to be bringing the truth forward for years are HUGE targets for the darkness to take them out and take their human containers over. They could do a lot as the voice of David Icke.

Unfortunately we have a lot of fakes and wannabes put into powerful places in our world. On our ZEROES page, I identify a few fakers in our world. Shining the light on the darkness in our world.

The illuminati symbolism and the satanism hand signs he and his son display are hideous at best. Bottom line, Ric is still making a ton of money off the dolphins and not telling the whole story.

The illuminati symbolism and the satanism hand signs Rick OBarry and his son display are hideous at best. To all who align with Rick and the Cove: bottom line, Ric is still making a ton of money off the dolphins and not telling the whole story.

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