What a wonderful way to help children know that bullying is wrong.

This photo is the Perfect Metaphor for How the Resistance Can Be Won


This is how it possibly could be won in a human heart to human heart approach. However, if this pimped out dude is a super soldier bred with no soul – this does not apply. Discernment is key in our world today for what a picture looks like or who is truly behind articles in our world.

By Dylan Charles
A photo taken in Santiago, Chile freezes an intense moment between a riot policeman and a protester, capturing the compelling power dynamics at play right in the world at large and revealing how these dynamics will ultimately be defeated.
Worldwide resistance to the destructive paradigm of state/corporate dominion over all life on planet earth is taking many forms, simultaneously happening on many battlefields both macro and micro, both outside and inside of the self.
Many of us understand how power can be and is derived from violence, and how thoroughly the present paradigm has seized upon this script to relentlessly control us. But do we understand the nature of our own power? Do we understand how violence can be overcome without brute force?

The universe is held together and pushed ever-forward by the interplay between opposing forces. This is seen in every sunrise and sunset, and also by looking deeply into any aspect of life. It is happening in this photo, do you see it? In the very moment of this picture, a shift is taking place, something of vast importance that is not unannounced, only felt.
The false duality of the struggle and conflict in our world is fully exposed right here, laid bare in unspoken truth, communicated in a language more primitive than words. The confrontation is direct and up-close. So close, in fact, there is unity. Moreover, you have the masculine at odds with, yet connected to, the feminine, who is taking control.

You see here the strong against the weak, the big over the small, the dark face-to-face with the light, the old pitted against the young, the vulnerable versus the entrenched and fortified, the organized challenged by chaos. Courage trumping fear.
We are so entrained to see might as right, but you can see right here in this photo truth is revealed. Power based on violence is a facade, it is a mask covering fear.
In this photo is proof the facade is cracking, it’s in his eyes. And he represents the entire system. This is the exact moment where fear yields to love, caught on camera in a protest marking the 1973 coup of dictator Augusto Pinochet who was deposed in a long and heart-breaking process of resolve. A righteous resolve which is seen clearly in her face. The self-delusions of the wicked are blown apart with her conviction.
Before human communication became verbal it was primal. The creature to be feared now senses fear himself. He now has a decision to make for he has finally seen an accurate reflection of himself in this young woman. He looks down on her in stature, but his submission is guaranteed.

Final Thoughts

When fully integrated into the still incoherent global resistance movement, the principles revealed in this image will prove invincible against the forces of destruction and inhumanity. They will collapse when they are told to do so.
What more proof do you need that righteous can and will prevail in the end? What more encouragement do you need to never give up?

We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims. ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

About the Author
Dylan Charles is a student and teacher of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, a practitioner of Yoga and Taoist arts, and an activist and idealist passionately engaged in the struggle for a more sustainable and just world for future generations. He is the editor of WakingTimes.com <podmates I took a quick look-see at this URL – I do not recommend this site without using DISCERNMENT>, the proprietor of OffgridOutpost.com, a grateful father and a man who seeks to enlighten others with the power of inspiring information and action. He may be contacted at wakingtimes@gmail.com. Image Credit: Reuters

Did you know that most police departments and law enforcement agencies will not touch the subject of blacwitch-dance-guazzok magic in regards to doing their job.  They call it spirituality and this is not a part of their job. Too big a topic for law enforcement to take on especially since so many members of their employment are behind the very corruption that takes good honest folks down in our world.


Black Magic has nothing spiritual about it. It’s harsh, it’s ugly and it ruins lives. And a major problem on our earth right now. It has been used by ego maniacs who want to rule the world for eons of time now. It’s used to bring them more money and attentions and victims and it is used against the human race to inflict physical pain, mental anguish, monetary disasters, and emotional chaos and turmoil on certain individuals and continues to keep the human race down in unseen and unspoken ways. When humans are in fear, apathy, anger, disbelief, numbing out and checking out, they leave themselves wide open for soul possesion by these demonic and satanic entities who have been assisting and creating harsh chaos behind the scenes for centuries.


All our leadership – all over our world are in on this. It is the humans whose lower vibrations (mentioned above) that are still feeding the monsters. Pull the plug to this false matrix and connect to the authentic Web of Life. God’s creation that ran so horribly amuck among some of these narcissistic monsters of our world in key positions all among us good folk.


We got to start talking about those who use witchcraft against others. I have met many over the last hand full of years. They gravitate to those who are doing God’s work like moths to a flame. But upon arriving at your flame, they love you but HATE you at the same time. Chaos is their calling card. Bodily functions plugging up so that your energy flow is off immediately. From here they can find the weaknesses in your entire energy field and they begin their systematic breaking down of their victim/s.


Vedic Wisdom puts out some great information on this topic of the Black Arts. This is a informative video on  a very REAL subject that too many in our world are in total denial about. This mahem and chaos known as Black Magic & Black Sorcery has many ways to deal with it and to take you life back. You will become more spiritually awakened in the process and the education will be invaluable to your job of healing humanity in the future. I really like this site and think that Mony has put together great wisdom here for those under dark seige. My walk into this darkness began in late 2012 by a sneak attack by thousands that killed my cat in Feb 2013 and nearly killed me until July of that same year. This black magic bullshit still  continues to this day making my means to make a living here obsolete. They continue after me because of the incredible work the cetaceans and many benevolent spirits who team with me daily to bless the land and waterways of our beautiful mother earth.


But I still come here because of the humans who are consciously choosing to BE in their hearts. Even though Facebook has sold my content a few times over since 2010, allowed those who tried to take me down access to my friends & client lists to market their own businesses to.  FB also stood by and watched the systematic take down since 2010 and did NOTHING. Facebook is laced with black magic. Why do you think you feel so awful after viewing some of the things they show to you and send to you on your feed. There is no mistake here people. It is mind control with some  of their best weapons /inventions – computers & and or smart phones.



Facebook = (equals) Massive Mind Control (research CIA mind control – Project Monarch, the CIA’s presidential models, & Cathy O’brien ‘s informative book about politics in America and what they do in their down (or up) time. Her book is Transformation of America. This will open your eyes and then will you please open your heart and use it as you out the darkness in our world shining the light ever so brightly upon it. Darkness cannot survive in the spotlight for long.




Folks I know & some I represented regularly (on our Social networks and websites in 2010-2013 era) who I now am able to speak by name and shed their light on their own personal use of black magic or their condoning friends, loved ones & others who use Black Magic.

Please go to our webpage at http://heartcommunicators.com/darkness/dare-to-speak-up/ for these names.


-Anne Gordon DiBarrignon – Panama (twisted Bwitch)

-Mary Getten – Animal Communicator

-Madeleine Walker – Whale Whisperer – England backed by -FindhornPress

-Shoshanna Avery – Mary’s best friend and self professed shaman

-Sharon Sargent

-Vicki Goodman (massage therapist in the Carolinas)

-Linda Hess (cranial sacral therapy – Panama City, Florida

-Cyndie Lepori, Dolphin Hugs to You and Billy Sandwalker author (children’s book – God help us all)

-Celeste Eaton

-Joan Ocean

-Penelope Smith

-Teresa Wagnor

-Sierra Goodman (twisted Bwitch)

-Rick Pearson – artist

-Paul Watson – Sea Sheperd

-Rick OBerry – The Cove (Kingof Chaos as he likes to call himself)

-Mark Francis Franklin Austrailia

-iwhales, Austrailia

-Oceania Project, Austrailia

-Ocean Defenders, Hawaiii(Pretenders) & Oriana aka Calypso Witch

-Marta Williams – animal communicator – San Juan Islands friend of Mary’s and Raven’s

Raven Sky – Stephannie – San Juan Islands – California – naturalist

-Ken Balcomb – lead researcher of orcas in San Juan islands

-Howard & Susan of Orca Network (Ken’s brother) both made and promoted their side of orcas in captivity spreading fear & hatred like they do so well around our orcas – Blackfish (Why didn’t they get Dawn’s parents approval on her death scene being replayed like this in their movie? HeartLESS is their movie and the darkness helped them promote it and make lots of money. And while they were spreading so much hatred of captive orcas; many more wild orcas on their watch continue to die because of the toxic waters they swim in and that Ken, Howard and Susan have done nothing about in their 20 year reign as ambassadors and protectors of these wise BEings-)

Please Dare to BE the Change we so need in our world right now. Shine the light on this darkness and share this webpage with other like minded way showers.

HeartfilterThe whale and dolphin industries are inundated with dark people acting like heroes to the whales and dolphins when in deed they have taken these animals out in too many lifetimes to count now. BE discerning – use your heart to filter all information through your BEing. You will always find truth here. And if I misstate something or am completely wrong on something. I will admit it to  You and here on my page. I am human. I have a heart. It is one of the pitfalls for humanity among so many incredible gifts we must open up to. i.e  Our 6th senses. It is here we will find our true God-given powers and truly connect to the web of life in too many magical ways to mention here. Not in ways of manipulations as done in the past with Black or white magic ways  that others try to teach us. BE open to dream your dreams and filter ALL things through your heart first & your (ego center) head last.

When you bring the best YOU forward into our world now, finally our harmonic vibration will reverberate back from the heaves and life here will be forever changed and forever free. Need a kick start, the best healing I ever had was an akashic healing/clearing. Also check out these links for more information into the Akashic records. Akashic 1   Akashic 2

The illuminati symbolism and the satanism hand signs he and his son display are hideous at best. Bottom line, Ric is still making a ton of money off the dolphins and not telling the whole story.

Click on picture to enlarge. The illuminati symbolism and the satanism hand signs he and his son display are hideous at best. Bottom line, Ric is still making a ton of money off the dolphins and not telling the whole story.

paul-watson_fingerThis man heads an organization of bullies called Sea Sheperds. I had a man tell me he was going to sic the Sea Sheperd boys on me. When I sent a message to Paul; he no longer responded nor did he add me back into his friends list on FB when my page was taken down 6 months later after all the Sea Sheperd attacks on Facebook. This man has been caught lying yet so many blindly follow him. This man has a skull and cross bones as his logo. And a sheperds crook to herd in humans who come so easily & generate more money for him to do the things he does for our New World Order and the Illuninati worshippers. All in the name of Whale Wars.


The beginning of my nightmare began in 2010 when I first came on Facebook with Whale Communicators. We begin to be attacked harshly and by dozens of people from the onset. People on my team encouraged me to confide to them what was happening around this i.e. Anne Gordon, Penelope Smith and Mary Getten. However, I had no idea that they were in on the very thing that this “Gangland Stalking” brought to me to disrupt my life, take my cat’s life and run me out of business. In 2013 as the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place I just about choked on all the betrayal and realized this was so much bigger than me. These are just a few of the players and I will be giving more details about this soon. Use your hearts. I don’t ask that you hate these people but I do ask that you love them. See them wrapped in the most beautiful bubble of pure God love, pure cetacean energies and all things beautiful and high vibrating (it is the advanced technology weapon for all BEings of light these days) It will melt them into a pile of something distracted from all the hatred and chaos they spew on others.


Click on picture to enlarge it

One of the major causes of this kind of bullying and blatantly attacking others comes from childhood abuse; especially with child sexual abuse. Because when you are a child in this situation you usually have one of 2 choices. To continue being abused or begin to bully others so your vicitimizer will victimize those you find for him or her. And this cycle of abuse descends to great depths from here. And many bullies have been born of this scenario which the illuminati and satanic & secret cults use on a regular basis to keep their kids & members in line.

The 3rd choice for children for this horrific assault on their souls is to go tell an adult; but currently our governments are knee deep in pedolphia rings themselves and honesty in government and or law enforcement can’t be reached for these victims at this time. But this needs to be the GOAL when love prevails.

abuse keeps children and adults silent . . .

I was abused as a child. My mother was mentally ill and had a half a dozen mental breakdowns while I was growing up. She was a monster; an out-of-control RAGER who should have never had children. Being a sensitive, I held the emotions of the family for 3 brothers and my parents. It was difficult being Frieda’s daughter. I no longer have a relationship with my mother because of her lies not only to herself but to our family and the way she has dishonored my father’s memory and the way she has conducted her life. My association with her and throughout this nightmare has kept me silent and not broadcasting my truth as a grown woman in my 50s.

I will be silent no more and I will no longer keep secrets for anyone. I will disconnect from those who bully and abuse others or lie about circumstances to move their own agendas forward.

I lost a lot of other relationships with my relatives & some I use to call friends etc . . . by speaking up about the truth. I have been called a liar, absolutely nuts, a conspiracy theorist, a new ager (no claim to this – just a label or box to put one in) crazy and even given a police evaluation to access my mental illness as my mother and brother Mike presented to the police in numerous phone calls. I passed within the first 10 minutes – my mother didn’t fare so well under their scrutiny.

It was a chance I had to take. I couldn’t have lived any longer on this planet living my mothers version of my life. Living a  HUGE LIE is no longer an option for me.

Standing up for TRUTH and justice is the only thing people who are in their hearts can do now. Shine your lights, speak your truths and reach out to others of like mindedness. If you need someone to bounce things off of, write to me and ask me to respond. Thank you for following our pages.  anastasia@whalecommunicators.com

Narcissistic AbuseAftermathI have to say with all the horrible things my mother has done to me in this lifetime, she has also been my best teacher in this lifetime. Every horrible thing she did reinforced for me that I would never be like her or say or do the things she did to my father, brothers, other people and myself to make herself feel good about herself and like she was on top of the pile. My heart developed more emphatic skills and a larger capacity to love ALL people because of her horrible ways and myriad of ways to abuse and mind manipulate others. Her nastiness was a strong teacher for me of how to never BE in this world.


I am finally making videos on what happened with Whale Communicators and the black magic take down and the dark people who played nice to my face and had me advertise them and their businesses for 3 years and then took me out with black magic or turned their head while they watched their friends take me down.

Nasty low vibrating folks who pretend they are so centered, wise and have special relationships with the whales and dolphins and animals. These dark BEings feed off energy, this is the only reason they are around the animals as they are. They do this in order too feed off them energetically. They know people with a history of childhood abuse tend to seek out animals and learn to communicate with them at a young age. So this is why this became their playground.

Can you SEE the bigger picture of activism now and why the field is so grossly ugly and hateful? It was designed by a few sick men to take down the human race and all other benevolent BEings who didn’t obey and follow directions.

Once these videos are made, I will continue spreading truth and love and usher in this new day that is dawning on our Planet. I won’t talk about this darkness as much once I get it documented and out on the web.

A new day is dawning . . .

One where heaven upon Earth is returning and ALL benevolent humans, animals, plants, nature, Mother Earth, rocks, insects, minerals etc . will truly BE FREE.


Wake UP and make great change in our world – coming from your heart.

Shine Your Light – Shine On Brothers & Sisters

Our silence insures that all this darkness will continue on in our world. They are the ones who invented our news media, our TV shows and movies and our education systems to train us to act in this world of their making. To brainwash into thinking this is all there is.

ShineYourLightWhen we shine the light on the darkness, it can no longer thrive nor survive in this light. Let’s blast these bad boys and girls out of our Universe and begin again as it was always meant to be. Before all these nasty ones incarnated over and over and over again imprisoning the human race and making sure their own egotistical and narcissistic needs were met above and beyond everyone else.

raising awareness is imperative now

We all need to be speaking of the horrors of our world that are kept in the dark within our familie and but also  that our leaderships around our world are doing to our planet. Our dear Mother Earth – Our one and only Mother Earth is being raped daily by this horrid weather weaponry system. Educate yourselves and get this stopped. Check out our What To Do page/link for more information

HAARP-11-20-15 copy

Click on graphic to enlarge


WakeUp-Newer_1024_2I am not posting much folks as I have been under attack for about 2 weeks solid now and off and on heavily for the last 2 months.

I am in need of a safe house to live. Craigslist keeps up with the Jones and allows our government to read all my postings – wait til you see the pictures of all the dark one’s homes I have been sent to in the last few years.

In America (only) over 4,000,000 practicing satanists. They own Hollywood and they own our governments. These poor spiritually bankrupted folks perfom 50-60,000 human sacrifices a year trying to increase their powers and their rule.

This is all being turned around as we speak but the dark ones are out of thier lil ol minds as they leave our Universe FOREVER!!!





Click on graphic to enlarge.

JUMP IN THE SHOWER AND BEGIN BLESSING AND IMBUING THE WATER – PUT YOUR ATTACKED BODY PARTS UNDER THE SPIC-IT AND PRAY! TALK TO GOD. Depending on the severity of the attacks – you may have to do this a few times in the evening or throughout the early mornings. These attacks happen most often around 3:30 in the morning – some call it the bewitching hour. I have gotten attacks from sundown to sunup some days. However, the are not effective in the light just like vampires. This is because they are vampires – Energy Vampires.

Before you go to bed, declare your sovereignty to God and our Universe. Ask God to protect you though out the night and to not allow any malevolent BEings to interfere with your sovereignty while you sleep. Thank him every morning and ask him and his legions of benevolent warriors to stand strong by you as you navigate these waters during the most important time on Earth.







SATANIC AND DEMONIC DEITIES THESE BASTARDS PRAY TO when calling out the name Christ or Lord or Savior. Some really sick folks behind all this – the Royalty of our world, the vatican and all its people, the catholic church (the majority of it), most other formal religions, the governments of our world, the rich upper 10% of our population, free masons, satanists, secret societies and so many more.

Inbreeding, pedophilia, abuse, ritual, sacrifice, child sexual abuse, child horrendous physical mental, emotional and physical abuse, prostitution, mind control (check out the CIA’s mind control program – Project Monarch), our institutions, our banking industry. They are every where and all among us in every sect of life. Not all of the folks mentioned above are horrible people – there is good and bad in everything and this cancerous underbelly of our world has infected all life here on our Planet.

WAKE UP & let’s eradicate the cancerous underbelly and heal all benevolent BEings upon the Web of Life.

QUESTION:  Did you know that to become a Satanic Priest you have to be first educated as a Catholic Priest? HOLY SHIT BATMAN!

Thank you, your donation means the world to us.



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