Change your inner world . . . and effect great chagne in your outer world

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We are multi-dimensional Beings on the verge of break throughs that have never happened in this lifetime or other lifetimes before. First for our Universe.

We know less than 5% of what is truly going on in our world. We must wake up and clean out our internal planets is a common conversation that whales have had with humans throughout the years. In order to effect change in our outer world we must go within and heal our selves.

Change your life and change our world for the best possible outcome.

If you have never heard of an Akashic Healing, please consider doing this work with me, it is a healing unlike any other that will remove the discord in your life and set you up to be who you came here to be.

I had this healing in 2008, it changed my whole perception of life. My third eye opened that day. Life as I knew it became very transparent and the things that were important in life changed gradually in the years to come.

I have hit some roadblocks at some junctures but I would NEVER trade the knowledge I have and what I know to be sleeping and unaware like I use to be.

I like to work with the whales and dolphins when I work with people and their akashic records. They are master healers of our planet and they want to see your success more than I do :o)  (and that’s a lot)

Stand in our incredibly big beautiful heart center and help us change the world. No one else but you can bring the vibration that you have to share with our world.

Please BRING IT ON NOW :o)

~♡☮♡~ Partners in Healing Planet Earth ~☮♡☮~

Akashic Records 1
Akashic Records 2
Anastasia, SRT/Akashic practioner

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Wake Up World

If you are not using your voice to speak up about the atrocities & huge deceptions in this world at this time then . . .

you are a part of the problem.

Wake Up Folks!

Wake Wakey World!

~☮♡☮~ We are Partners in Healing Planet Earth ~☮♡☮~

Daily land and water blessings connecting your heart to the heart of Mother Earth and to the heart of the cosmos does make a difference. Let them know you remember your connection to the Web of Life and Wake Up. Some examples of how to do this.

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Get It???

Brilliant message . . . Please take the time to watch this and take this information within your heart.

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Magical Orbs – May 2017

One of my favorite places in the world is here in Colorado. The South Platte River off Tarryall Road has so many spirits to lift me when I need respite. Early May 2017.

Thank Goodness for all God’s creatures great and small.


How does this make your heart feel? FEEL IT?!!!!!

Click on any picture below in the gallery to view the enlarged version.


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you are your environment . . .

No more ignoring the obvious . . .

You got the whole world in your hands . . .







Genocide is not only happening to Mother Earth and involves the animals. It is a slow ‘big rat’poisoning of all of life upon this planet – be it animal, plant, tree, mineral or soil.

The chemical break down alone of what is involved should scare the heck out of you. Check out this valuable website below with the breakdown of what is killing us all long term.


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clean out your internal planet . . .

Clean out your internal planet and this in turn will clear out our external planet.

You want to save the world, start here.

~a very wise whale



Live food continues to live after you eat it. There is no replacement for live food. It is at its maximum nutrition when you pull it from it’s vine or by the root. The nutrients begin to go down from this point on. So eat fresh!!!

Win the War Inside Your Stomach. This is a good video on eating better and balancing that gut flora.

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Conversation with Granny

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conversation with ourselves

This awakening process is a journey and unfortunately it does not come  with the wave of a magic wand.

It is the most important work you will every do.

It is the most difficult work you will every do.

It will help you find the center of your BEing here on planet Earth and within our Universe.

You deserve this more than anyone you know.

Consider having your akashic records cleared while you are on your inner journey, it will change your life and make your path easier to traverse during these times and in the future. Let’s get the knowledge that has been kept from you downloaded and let you access your 6th senses so that you can discern your futre, not your leadership, your churches, priests, reverands, minister’s, bosses, etc . . .

You, centered in your heart.

Blessings and Blissings,


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They are culling our numbers in our world

Doesn’t matter who you are, eventually they will get to you and continue their culling process. They just need you to clean up the mess of the first few waves of people they attempt to cull.


Mother Earth does NOT do her weather patterns like this. She has not been in control of her weather for decades now. HAARP is! Click on graphic to enlarge it.

Wake Up World

wakeup logo

We need a miracle to right this mess this darkness has laid upon us. Here are some links and suggestions on how you might do this. Then speak up and share this link or the message with our world people. Thank you!   ~Anastasia


The Way of Waking Up by Alan Watts

NOTE:  Lots of dark symbolism in this video. Wake Up World – Take the good out of this and leave the bad. Do this in all things you do going forward in our world. There are good and bad people in every walk of life and every religion and every business and corporation. This is the time in our history for major DISCERNMENT.

Walk away from the darkness and gather with those people who are geniune and come from their hearts effortlessly. Not these false light followers of lucifer.

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Your HISTORY is not accurate . . .

We are lead to believe what ‘they’ want us to believe.

***’they’ = the ruling elite in our world. Born into bloodlines or chosen for an advanced programmable slave. They are the core of all historical socitieites and anything to do with history as they are the Writers of History for eons of time now and they are liars and thieves and not friends with the human race nor much life upon our planet.

I asked God in 2010 what I should call them. (Illuminati seems to bright) God told me to call them marauders because this is what they have done for 1000s upon 1000s of years now.

It’s Insane . . . 

ets_skin-suit-smThey have horribly tricked us and mistook our huge hearts and our ability for kindness and bigheartedness as stupidity. Only ones who are stupid are those who deceive others.

Karma can be a bitch when it  is catching up with many who have lived lives of decption throughout our many lifetimes and played out in this Universe . This is Universe is under God’s domain – always was & always will be.

symbolismoffreemasonryIlluminati & Occult Symbolism has contaminated much of our society through out the ages. These people put energy on these symbols to take down other humans. They think they are so cool to deceive good folks; this is part of their charge for doing things.

I was horrified when I realized the Peace Sign was a symbol for Jesus hanging upside down on the cross. And the Namaste sign – ‘the God in me sees the God in you’ is also a part of this information put out by the illuminati to mislead the masses.

You must realize, these folks are sorcerors and they cast spells and dark energy on this symbolism and then your purchase their products and that energy is not transferred to your home, office, child’s room, grandbaby’s room ? ? ?  It is quite outrageous when you realize what they have been up to and how they have done it.


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Laughter is the best medicine . . . especially when standing waist deep in a world of bullshit.

hillary-whoyougonnacallThese US elections are a sign and a warning folks. Stay in your hearts; imagine the day of peace and tranquility speading over our world like incredibly fragrant fresh spring rain (blessed and imbued water drops of course).



Things are so out of control as the darkness is being forced to exit our world by the Kingdom of God. This spiritual war (WWIII) has been going on for years now and it is about to end and there will be a beautiful reign of incredible times ahead for all people who are willing to live in their hearts and treat their fellow men and women with mutual respect and or reverance for living through what you just lived through in this monumental historical moment in time.

Let go of all the things that no longer serve your and do not serve our world and Mother Earth.

“We are living in a felonious world and I am a felonious girl”.  Sung to the tune of Madonnas’ song Material Girl


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Ghandi on Non Compliance


Disconnect from this false matrix folks.

There is a Revolution of Love going on at this very minute. It started years ago. We must stay in our hearts and we must hold the energies for all this to fall apart. If you need to fight or yell at your opposition and or enemies; you need to chill out and sit down and breath deep. Disconnect from this concocted drama playing out on TV. It is a distraction keep you in anger, fear, apathy, etc . . . This is the way they want you to get you under New World Order rule. Your compliance is your imprisonment.

Use your heart! And emanate that energy out to Mother Earth and our Universe. We need this final push full of pure loving God energies and our own personal loving positive healing energies and intentions out there now.

Evolutionary times . . .

Ghandi on Non Compliance – Love This!!!


There are way more of us awesome honest hearted  people here on Earth than there are these rich  satanical perverts. Pull the plug people. We have the power.

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free imbued Whale Communicators & Heart Communicators Desktop Backdrop


Download this background for your desktop. Usually you can left click and chose set to background

I am sharing some of God’s magic with you. The magic that was meant for us all on Earth but was manipulated and used against good humans throughout the ages. Going forward I will be sharing more and more of this with you. It is not white magic and it is definitely NOT black magic. I only use and share God’s magic with our world.   ~Anastasia

So now sit down at your computer and pull up this photo on your computer.

Right below are a  a few links for background music or whale vocalizations while you do this quick ‘whaley wonderFULL self discovery exercise as well as a pick-me-up’ energizer for the day.

There is no limit to how many times a day you can use it, just let your heart lead you to how many times you need this ray of God’s magic for your heart.

Click here to listen to Whale Sounds

Click here to listen to Ocean of Love/ So Much Magnificence – Miten/ Deva Premal

So if you have your background sounds on and your picture on your desktop to look at. I want you to be still and remove all the monkey chatter from your brain . . . as we begin.

heart_holdinghealingNow ask God and the whales and dolphins to come to you in dream-time or a waking journey , a  meditation or while you are out in nature. Ask that only benevolent BEings be included and all darkness is completely unaware of this moment. I also ask that God bring in Jesus and Mary Magdalene and my indigenous ancestors and loved ones to help me remember who I am and the gifts I have to bring to the world at this time. I ask that all troubles or mental interruptions be sidelined during this time so that I may just ‘BE’ for this time with God and the whales and friends to cleanse my heart and soul and to add some beautiful healing and renewal to get through these difficult times and to align me for my ascension releasing me from this ‘hell hole’ as it acts out and dies out in its final days and hours on our Planet.

I imagine myself buoyantly suspended on the top of the water or on a air mattress in the ocean and I can feel the reverberations of the whales and dolphins sonar and echolocation as they hum me to that incredible place of BEings. I ask the whales for a healing; that if anything is preventing me from seeing what I need to see, hearing what I need to hear or understanding what I need to do to send me signs and heal those wounds (whether from this lifetime or the last ones)

I ask that the information come in slowly so I am not overwhelmed and if I am feeling overwhelmed in the days to come, I ask that God just turn down the faucet of information for me to a more comfortable level. Don’t ask it to stop, it may not come back for a while if you do. (my lesson first time trying this as my third eye opened)

Ask that in the days and weeks to come that you be made aware of (in this conscious level here on Planet Earth; in the 3rd and 4th dimensions) that you be released from the things that are holding you back and your heart be filled with love, passion for the things you want in your life, and the voice to sing your song to our brothers and sisters around the world in ways only you can do in our world now. Ask God to release you from your imprisonment and to allow your energy to flow in the best God way possible for you to realize your full potential at this time.


Click on graphic to see the flow of energy and align your heart to this and picture yourself healing your inner planet for a time first (5-55 minutes) and then stretch that energy out to our outer planet and heal that.

Now just BE . . . staying in your heart energy center and releasing all things you are worrying about or have to do for a later time.  You can not give this time to yourself justice without focus. And just let that tor-dial energy flow through your heart and out into our world and then our Universe. Painting it with the most incredible beauty ever known to mankind.

If you can stay in this place for 5-55 minutes a day, that would be incredible and very helpful to your inner planet as well as for the entire planet and universe. Clean the inner and the outer planet will take care of themselves a wise whale told me once.



Your heart is your best filter in the human body. Your mind will lie to you because of ego. So drop the energy of everything your receive into your head . . . into your heart. What does that feel like? Don’t act until you are comfortable with that feeling. Feelings will rule our world going forward. No more EGO and logicing us to death with their facts.

It all has to extend from a strong inner foundation; in essence self love. And if you are not there yet, that is okay. This is the human conditioning of humanity for us to stay completely OUT of our hearts. You can hold sacred space and cleanse your inner planet and do great work for our world and humanity at this time just BEing. So quench your thirst, it has been a long hot journey.

Come here often and give respite to your heart and soul and linger in the state of BEing and Love with God and all his incredible devoted followers.

Sharing some wonderful wisdom to share with you from the whales and dolphins.


If you or your inner child have some profound experiences that take root while spending time here and want to share with someone, I would love to hear your experience and help you help yourself.

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Excellent Video & Please Say A Prayer for Me today


Please click on the link below – My Computer is being censored and monitored this morning to prevent me from saying what I have to say. ~Anastasia

Elite Are No Longer in Control, They’re scared to death. (Much more to this video than the title)


Please watch the video link above. I am being hindered from posting this morning in San Luis, Colorado. The police and the courts are not playing like they are suppose to with my corruptable landlord: Herbert (Tim) Esquibel. I have been gone for 2 days and my landlord has been in my home going about doing whatever he pleases and pulling out the part to fix the heating system in this house but not doing it again going on the 3rd month in row. He has not filed the proper paperwork to evict me and I have explained to the courts once he does I am going to turn around and counter-sue him for harassment and for what has been going down here. He moved me in to clean the home up after his slob of a brother lived here for 10 years for free. He then planned on moving me out and moving himself in. I am not going to stand for this.

Several of his neighbors are attempting to destroy me with black magic and black sorcery nightly/daily. Very weakened and this whole valley has responded so incredibly wonderful to all the daily energy work I have been doing in the San Luis valley since April 2016.

I am very protected by the Spirit world of God and all his allegiances of benevolent forces. However, if anything slips up – San Luis, Colorado   I want to call out Tim Esquebil my landlord, his good friend (the ex sherriff – Guilly – I was told it sounds like Guillotine but Diego had no idea how to spell it when I asked him. Guilly was riding around my home the first few days in his personal white truck and then began riding around in his police car (Diego says he’s a beat cop now). My landlord threatened me that he was calling the police and  kept threatening me that he was going to have me thrown out. I just didn’t know he was such good friends with the ex sheriff.

I was hoping, my landlord like other citizens of the US, would have to go through the courts system to legally have me removed. I am not sure if this will happen but am posting this here to ensure that the right thing happens. And if by chance it doesn’t that this is documented out here.



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Imposters & Fakes Among Us




Always, the TRUTH





Wolf-MaskI put up a page last year talking about the things in the dolpin and whale industry that is NOTHING like these people in the dolphin and whale industry presents themselves.

I walked into a field of tremendous deceit and HUGE egos all vying for the same eviable position amongs these marauders. They want to be the main connection to the whales and dolphins. And they want to covet the whales and dolphins is the best way I can describe it. They want you to know and think about the dolphins what they want you to know and think.

If you were to think that you were a powerful enough human being to talk to the whales and dolphins yourself . . . Well how would they continue to make money off you for their workshops, thier non profits, and for their expensive whale and dolphins trips.

maryslizardfriendThese are all folks I supported with advertising and bringing attention to their businesses around the whales and dolphins from 2010 until early 2013, when I ran for my life and was plunged unaware into a spiritual war against satanic and demonic forces of which I didn’t know exist. The thing I know for sure, they wanted me out of the whale and dolphin industry speaking TRUTH because I was in the middle of a bed of imposters faking like they came from a core of love when all they have is a bandrupt soul which they sold out long long ago. I believe all these women know or are keeping silent about what went down: aligned with the dark or scared-shitless and mind controlled so they go along with the program.

These people don’t have an allegiance to God or the Light. These people are dark as hell and given the chance, if they don’t come after you  their selves with black magic and demonics & satanics. They will send the proper people to you to get the job done.

bobmaryMary Getten was given a incredible deal to have an elearning DVD built around her and her friends. She just needed to endorse it of which she never did an adequate job. She just sat back and took free leads instead. And continued waiting for her daily happy hour. It was within a year of me walking away from partnering with her after 11-11-11. She stabbed me in the back horribly and was partnering with folks who tried to take me down in the last 3 years: totally ignoring what I had been through to promote all this. She wrote me while I was under heavy attack in December 2012 and told me she now decided to be on Facebook. I was horrified – we argued over this alot during our partnership. Facebook was always an avenue to promote this and she denied it after a year and pulled from any help here. So I pulled from advertising her in this medium and she didn’t like that. This is the pictures Mary was posting at this time that she contacted me on Google. This is the Mary Getten I know – she is a drunk and her word means nothing. She’s an absolute mess and a self serving opportunist.


Click on graphic to enlarge and see whose who in this nasty take down of other folks. Some are not as bold as others – but they sat back in silence and watched their friends do this. Same as doing it themselves in our world. Silence is condoning these actions in our world.

I had a big write up on this and my Heart Communicators website was hacked and this was completely taken off the web and all tags for Google dissappeared as well. Mark Francis Franklin of I whales and the Oceania Project was a brief suitor of mine – he use to work for banking in Europe and before that was the sound man for David Bowie. He’s a computer expert, a hacker extroidinaire and a huge liar. This is a man who would open a woman’s heart with professions of love and then stab her in the back with the rest of his dark cohearts. What kind of coward opens a woman’s heart and then runs away?



When I went down over Christmas of 2012 – Not one of the people I had advertised for 3 years came to me and asked if I needed help or their was something they could do. Mary Getten came to me wanting to be paid her portion of the elearning DVDs and I haven’t had a conversation with her since. Just through pictures she posts on Facebook & the World Wide Web.


false-teachersMy apologies for not speaking to this all at once a few years back. My means to make a living and my quality of life has dramatically changed and I am quite challenged to make a living and find a safe roof over my head. This arena as well as the healing arena in general is full of FALSE teachers. Beware. Use your heart to filter all your truths.

DolphinHealingGroup_AnneGordon copy

Click on graphic for larger picture

AnneGordon-Hologram-EyesAnne Gordon DiBarrignon of Panama Whale watching was probably the biggest back stabber of all in this. I won’t go into detail about Anne here, but I certainly want to bring out a person that Anne & I both knew via Facebook who went on her whale trips. I will call this person Cee.

She had some childhood issues she was trying to deal with. She ran in this crowd for a few years on FB. She went on a trip with Anne Gordon a few years back and I was absolutely horrified to see this picture of her on her page after Anne’s trip. Her soul is gone and the lighted ones – be them illuminated or luciferian are coming through this poor woman’s eyes. I believe if you take a trip with any of these women – they work for the dark and this is all about who gets the souls.

anastasia-2015My apologies for ever introducing these folks to you through Whale Communicators. I have worked in some dysfunctional organizations before (like TMobile’s training & sales depts) but never have I ever worked among such evil, back-stabbing conniving Bwitches who will attempt to win and pull the wool over your eyes as to what is really going on in our world just for sport & their personal entertainment. NEVER.

You are WARNED (please be careful – very deceptive folks) and I would hate for you to lose your life over some one like this. This is a spiritual war going on out here and the prize is people’s souls. Don’t hand them yours because along with your money, this is truly the prize they are seeking – YOUR SOUL.   ~Anastasia

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Awakening . . .


The authentic awakening of which humanity truly needs to be connected to is one where we realize our divinity. Our precious relationship with God and all his benevolent children of this Universe. Our connection to Mother Earth and all life upon her. And a deep rooted connection to our heart so that we may discern truth in such challenging times.

I learned 5 years ago from a whale that if I wanted to invoke great change on our Planet that first I must go within and eradicate what is not working for me inside my own inner Planet. That conversation stunned me into my awakening journey. I never knew my own truth in my abusive relationship with my mother. So finding my own center through conversations with God and the whales and dolphins helped me heal lifetimes of sadness and decay.

So for the last 5 years I have worked diligently on my stomach and gut area through diet and a bowel irrigation process called colemnas. Through liver and gall bladder toxic cleanses. Through good nutrition.

I was horrified when working with a medicine woman in 2013 to cleanse my gut. I was absolutely loaded with parasites: pin worms, round worms, tape worms. Our medical community makes it sound like since we are not a 3rd world country this is not an issue in our world. What they don’t tell you, if you have a pet that sleeps on the sofa with you or in your bed. More than likely you have parasites and if you have a big belly chances are you are loaded with parasites. This is our medical communities secret to keep us DIS-eased. To keep the money lining their pockets and to keep the money out of our hands and  to keep us struggling with electrical bills, rent, mortgages, groceries, cost of living, taxes, registrations, licensing, etc . . . etc . . . etc . . .

I found on this journey that the grocery store and the food industry know about the parasites in our bodies and that is who they are feeding with the processes food. Wonder why you have such horrific food cravings and sometimes just cannot control yourselves no matter what you do. It is the parasites who are doing the craving for you. Be it food, alcohol, drugs, etc . . . Parasites work for the dark entities of our planets. They are like pets to them and they direct them to do horrible things to the human race. I once heard that most tumors in our world are a die off of parasites in one’s body. Folks these parasites eat what is in your digestive track but they also eliminate what they eat in your digestive track. And from here it can play total havoc on your lymphatic system and begin to break down your total health in slow deadly painful downward spirals that will keep you attached to the medical communicating and constantly supporting it with your donations to your monthly health care programs and copays.

I hid all my childhood pain and abuse from my mother in my gut and right ovary. I was in such denial and blinding myself to all the ways the abuse still controlled and effected my life. So I detached from my toxic family of birth (most difficult thing I have ever done in my life). You see I learned that horrible dysfunction, yelling, screaming and sabotaging others was what love was growing up.  What I learned from this family was how NEVER to be in life. How to fix myself so I was not so angry from within. So I keep digging and shedding what no longer worked. And I began inviting love in in many ways I had not attempted before. I spent more time in nature to heal my heart and soul. I was very good to my body and my mind with what I allowed in it. I learned to love myself properly through diet, through nature and through being true and honest with myself first always. Never ignoring all the signs right in front of me, instead asking for diving guidance and diving in and doing whatever I can to make great change in our world at this time..

Within a year I dropped those 50 lbs that wouldn’t leave me the last 15 years as I held onto the old and didn’t open the door wide for the new. My skin was glowing from the deep gut work. When I look back the changes were monumental but during the time they seemed so very slow.

In this slowness I learned to love like I had never been taught before. I learned to love myself and my surroundings. I learned to not have constant noise and distractions around me I could hear the telepathic conversations better from God, the whales and dolphins and other benevolent Being upon our Planet. And they kept teaching me about my history and what I was capable of doing in other lifetimes. And I learned volumes of information about our true history and I would research the words and phrases and bodies of knowledge they were downloading to me and I was lit up to know their were volumes of information that were so tailor made to me to help me come out of my deep sleep.

I have had a horrible time with people trying to take me out of business since 2012 and to kill me with attacks of black magic and the black arts. I wouldn’t change a thing on this journey. To be alive at this time in our history and to be involved in this evolutionary change is one of the things I am most proud of. And the knowledge I have gained, I wouldn’t change that nor my relationship with God and the cetaceans for anyone or anything. Too much divine wisdom here.

Please be diligent on your awakening journey. We are out numbered by the dark forces in our world. But we have one thing they don’t and it is our biggest weapon against them. Send them love. You don’t have to have lunch with them or even give them a hug.

But each morning ask God and the cetaceans to go to all the folks that are harming the world so much now and to put an energetic heart around them. Ask his to supply great love into that bubble and let them feel what loves truly feels like. I also ask if they are still harming humans and others to please put the energy of the pain they have caused within the bubble with them and allow them to feel the pain the have caused others through the lifetimes. I ask God to keep an eye on them for what they most need and to trump what I have said if necessary and do the God best thing in all instances. Most of these souls are being eliminated from our Universe. They have had lifetimes of changes to play nice and they have lied, cheated and stolen from others are every turn in every incarnation.

Love has the ability to change the energy on everything dark and ugly and to begin to heal it or eliminate it from our Universe. It advances our civilization.

Blessings and Blissings and thank you for doing your part in the God work on our Planet.


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You Were Born to Fly . . .

You were born with wings why prefer to crawl through life ~Rumi



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Opening our eyes to reality & blessing Mother Earth and planting seeds of love & intentions

(Monday early noon hour – internet just cut out on me with this post. Back up 10 minutes later)

WakeUpfoodVideo of Juliet Assange on Facebook – MY computer won’t allow me to post it as an inline item for some reason or another

I could not agree more with Juliet Assange regarding Facebook and its spying practices. They have some heavy hitters in their management team from DARPA, the dept of defense and I was told since they began corrupting our Whale Communicators page back in 2010 that the CIA runs them. Hmmmmmmm

I am questioning people in the town full frontal  today and getting a few people dancing around about the truth here in San Luis. And the truth is the same dark cancerous underbelly that runs through our government, our institutions, our lawmakers, our police forces, our cable companies, electrical companies, our contractors runs heavily throughout this town and valley. You will only be successful in this reality if you don’t question what is happening and do what you are told and keep you mouth shut.

The dark cancerous underbelly around here besides growing farm crops which are not genuinely organic because the valley is  being poisoned from the water table below our feet. Putting chemicals right in to the Asekia and dropping temperatures from the sodium compounds they load into the waterways by night which create morning mists and fogs. Check it out for yourselves. Wake yourself up from 3am – 6pm. You will see a gross cold seize your house in those early morning hours when they have been doing this. Frost will appear on some grounds and some roofs involved in this weather manipulation and distribution of deadly chemicals.

There is a lot of abuse of women and children, a really bad attitude in many of the men here as to the role of women in our world. Women are more than sex objects; they are living breathing beautiful intelligent BEings and deserve as much right to this as any man. There is a reputation for alot of inbreeding in these Southern Colorado towns, a lot of satanism, occultism, New World Orders acting in secret waiting for the big calamity that will bring them into full control, a heavily predominant Catholic community that is starving for God’s spirituality and leadership.

The Valley of San Luis is in serious trouble. Mother Earth is being raped daily from all over but they are doing an incredible number on her as well because they know how powerful and sacred this area is in our entire Universe.

There is NO organic any thing growing out here with all the government HAARPing going on. The releasing of massive amounts of chemicals in the skies and from the ground and then running the high electricity cell phone towers on them to move them, bake them, freeze them, chemically combine them and make them somethings else. They can then bring on high winds, bring on tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, you name it.

Liquid petroleum is a big one the continue to put into the environment that is just hideous. There has been talk for years that oil is the remains of deceased civilizations – our ancestors throughout the ages.

Like poisoning us with food with the remains of aborted fetuses traps our DNA and our souls in our Ascension process, the breathing and living in the liquid petroleum environment is this same occult practice taking to a new level. You are full of your ancestors so very much like eating them cause you will choke to death on the petroleum in your environment.

Everyone has to be seeing more of that silky like gray brown silt in your trash bags and containers. It is horrible the way it embeds in carpets and floats through windows and open doors.

Wake Up World!!!

Make sure to bless and imbue those shark infested waters out here with

Immense God Love, healing, harmony, unity, great transformation and transmutation of all the harmful chemicals in the air and in the water into the purest healing love known to mankind. Compliments of our creator and his son Jesus, his son’s wife Mary Magdalene, the whales, the dolphins and all the benevolent BEings who work with us daily on Mother Earth and our entire Universe.

Your intentions to start the seeds, your imagination in your daily blessings and imbuements and imagine connecting energetically with a gold or platinum cord from where you are in our world to San Luis, Colorado in the US.

We will catapult us into a world where heaven can reside on Earth and these criminals who have lead and mislead our world are no more.

Peace Love Freedom for All – the Revolution of Love is done withn full swing and now we BE tending to the flowers and the gardens of life and help the whales and dolphins build upon this new tapestry of life they have been weaving for all humanity for years now.

I did mention Great Transformations didn’t I?  The BEST EVER!!!!

Peace Love FREE

My Sunday, Sept 25, 2016 plea for speitual protection as I watched some sketchy things unwind before my eyes about my internet and living conditions. If I dissappear, I want everyone to know what kind of town I am in and where I left from :o)

gorgeousbrownbabe-lovethisonePlease have my back folks . . . even if just in prayer . . . especially in prayers.

Sunday night in San Luis, CO. I am looking for a new place to live. A white double cab truck with dark tinted windows came by the store across the street at about 6:30pm and cut off my internet access to my friend’s store. When I moved closer to the store to get a connection, he came around the corner again in his white truck with a paper license plate NOW something or other.

Black magic happening all night throughout the night – constantly clearing. Landlord got me to move in and clean and now wants me out but can’t get me out because of lease. He’s not playing nice. Old boss chased me on a back road last week while doing water blessings and then came to visit store across the street this morning in her camouflage top. Faded camouflage like all the New World Order folks are showing up in. Jill Browning, owner of the Tree of Life in San Luis, Colorado is not about life giving medicine. She is behind the peeps behind the New World Order. Wake Up San Luis, CO!!!


Jill visiting the business across the street this morning. She and Josh come here often and sometimes park blocking my driveway. Five or 6 times since Jill fired me Aug 20th for asking to many questions about the metal building on her property. Bully’s are not nice folks but sure pretend to be to the community with their BS. Jill is pictured in faded camoflauge top today – many people wearing this like uniforms the last few weeks. Like New World Order Uniforms.

Plus the Hemp Farm – The Tree of Life business with Jill Browning and her investment partner’s henchman Josh. He’s a 40 something year old jerk who brags to the teenagers working with Jill Browning at the Tree of Life Hemp farm about nailing 18 year old girls and shares a picture of his black 18 year old girlfriend. This guy is co parenting a 12 year old daughter he sleeps beside at night.  They don’t play nice and don’t like me talkin about the HAARP metal bldg on their property, the metal hoop house and new antenna system going in, etc . . . Yet they say they are growing medical marijuana and they are contaminating Mother Earth so badly with chemicals and electricity in their HAARP bldgs.

Then immediately Victor a man who came into my home rides up on his bike. People say Victor is a drug addict. I ask him who is in the white truck and he doesn’t know yet he is talking to him 5 minutes later when I go to find another internet connection. The white truck was hidden in the parking lot of the Catholic Churches’ compound.

Hmmmmmmm, I am spiritually protected. But a incredible gorgeous town and valley with the Sangra de Cristo mountains yet a dark shady goo has contaminated a large majority of this town’s  people who don’t like white folks like me. While working on the hemp farm I had a 30 year old young man who grew up here tell me that his people in the San Luis Valley had a very big probelm. It’s called envy. He says they are horrible with each other and envy rules everything in this town.

Keep me in your prayers and please continue to do land and water blessings daily. Makes a huge difference to Mother Earth.


PS There is good in this town too & really good people – they are in overwhelm and don’t appear to come out much – but it is so overladen with the bad right now. This is what most people are doing is hiding out hoping it will go away.

It won’t go away until you begin talking about it and getting involved.

Blessings and use your heart for discernment, it will give you your truth every time.

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Growing chemicals to contiminate the Earth & Humans


This blizzard of beautiful benevolent help made me cry. In July I was working for a Hemp Farm called the Tree of Life in the San Juan valley. I was being bulled and sexually harassed by 2 workers – Peter Nyuerre, a black man in this town from Africa and Ronson Medina, a Mexican man from San Luis. The reason I mention their races is because of the reverse discrimination they have shown me. I told my boss Jill Browning the owner and top investor in the farm and she ignored me. Peter & Ronson were her pet workers. Peter made it a hostile work environment after this attacking me with black magic on the job and yelling at me on over a 1/2 dozen occasions. He has a horrid anger issue and stabbed a man before and got away with it. Now Ronson is man who thinks he is a gigalo. He’s married with kids and has no business acting like this with women. He’s an embarrassment acting like this in a hemp field or in public.

So I was living on the farm and Jill moved me off because I would not take one of her investors screaming in my face using the ‘f%ck” word in every other sentence nor screams at the migrant field workers treating them like dirt. And I told him off in front of the field of my coworkers the day after he hung his pit bull Zoe by the neck and suspended her over the ground about 3.5 feet hanging her by her collar and then walking her in front of workers for about 20 yards While hanging her by her collar and cussing the dog for being soooooooo stupid. That dog didn’t move a bit – knowing her neck could be snapped at any time. Only stupid one on that farm was Josh (the angry nasty Mexican man who claims to have the investors of the Tree of Life best interests in mind. He is the hench man for one of the gay male investor’s . . . he is a self appointed guard dog for the Tree of Life farm on road J8 out in the San Luis valley.

Jill Browning the owner of this farm and chief investor allows the other investors and Josh in on a regular basis to verbally abuse her employees. Josh who is a man in his 40s brags to the workers about his black 18 year old girlfriend and hits on every 18 year old who comes through the gates. He told one of the male workers who just graduated from high school that if he had his body he would be a porn star. Bad folks are acting out horrendously these days and Josh is loaded with darkness.

Josh has taken his bullying to my home now parking outside my house on my lot twice now while visiting the business across the street. Bullies are so freaking full of themselves until they fall flat not heir faces and have no support.

Well I was sent to live at Peter’s estranged wife’s house and get off the farm for a few days (Jill Brownings suggestion) to let this all cool off with Josh the raving hot head. It was no cooling off period – Jill wanted me off the farm because I kept making comments about her metal Agricultural building that her partners paid $300,000 for to dry the hemp plants (for 2 months out to the year???. Only problem being – why would you buy a $300,000 building to dry hemp???

Well if that building was a brand new metal building to work with all the other half dozen metal buildings between San Luis, Chama & San Francisco with the HAARP system to create horrendous electrical storms bouncing the electricity off all the $300,000 metal buildings put up in this relatively poor community. Or they can garner massive cloud cover and begin geocoding the community here now.

Raping their land and growing contaminated hemp plants for medicine to cure people. It doesn’t get any worst than this in life people. Dark folks acting out horrendously.

So for 2 months solid now I am being hit by so many with black magic here in this town. I brought the police into the matter last week with a home I am renting and people behaving badly. I have talked to 2 very nice officers in their police department and am hoping there are more good policeman in this police department to see that justice is done. Because there are people that want me dead here.

San Luis is a beautiful little town and it has the dubuious honor of being the oldest town in Colorado status. I have had 3 different citizens of this community tell me now that the largely Mexican community here is contaminated with Envy – no one wants anyone else rising above them or having something they don’t have. It has brought on a lot of play with black magic, masonry and some really dark sh%t in this town being played out on other good people.

Costillia county is known as the most corrupt county in Colorado for their law enforcement. However, like I have seen thus far, I am very hopeful for the good heart on the force.

I put this here, because if I go down – I want you all to know who is behind this all. And my hope and the energy I am spreading here is doing its best to cover this town and its people in unconditional love. It is working . . . gradually but it is working.

So this picture was taken 3 weeks after I was asked to leave Bonnie Hanson’s place. To see all this protection when I couldn’t see the forest for the trees with all the black magic attacks at Bonnie’s home.

When I arrived at Bonnies she set it up to look like 2 of her neighbors were attacking us with black magic: Vera and Marti. It got heavy within the week – too heavy. My cat kept sleeping at my feet because someone was trying to chord me through the soles of my feet at night because they cannot get into my body anymore. I realized at that time that little innocent Bonnie, my host in her apartment was a practicing black witch (which she denied) and she tried to feed off my energy while I was a guest in her house.

Lots of darkness in this town! And a lot of liars.

But within this community lie some really beautiful people I have met who are too afraid to stand up against this darkness in this town.

Please send loving energies where ever you are now to the Web of Life & to this community and lets heal it all.

Thank you for listening to my long rambling. Things are tense here and if I disappear, I want you to know where it happened. Some of the men on the farm use to brag about how easy it was to dig a hole and put a person in it and put a truck over it and let them die.

This is the dark cancerous underbelly of San Luis, CO and what I have been working to clear since early July.

Please keep me in your prayers and blessings.

With much love and great hope in my heart for all benevolent Beings,


So the moral of this story is – even with all the shi%heads in our world acting out badly. There are good folks mixed in with incredible God light within them – the incredible light energy of God’s work not of his fallen angel Lucifer (not even close to the same light ) God’s light is organic & loving – Lucifers light is synthetic and fake and you will get burned by it should you go near it let alone engage it. I have have a fast and steady rule – I do not negotiate or hold conversations with the dark. They are desperate liars who want to win at all costs.


PS I just rewrote this article – let’s see if Facebook keeps my changes. Someone got into this account yesterday and did an editing number on this article. Minions suck!!!

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People brave enough to speak about the unspeakable and make the actions become unacceptable to us all.

crazy-nomoreYou what I find CRAZY . . . not those conspiracy theorists who tell the truth about what is truly going on in our world. But I think its CRAZY all the people who are sleeping and would rather listen and side with all those who label us ‘conspiracy theorists’. For the record I am not a ‘conspiracy theorist’ I am a human being with a heart doing the best I can do in our world with what we are working with folks.

I have been following the chemtrials and storms and doing energy work with Mother Earth full time – every single day!!! I am raising awareness where ever I can, even when I am put down and labeled crazy by so many sleepers and new world order wannbees in waiting.


Cathy Obrien is my hero – what an incredible beautiful story she and Mark Share (TranceFormation of America) its free online – read it and read the names she names in politics. It will make you want to throw up for weeks. This is our leadership, this is our government. This is what those in control and with the money do.


It’s really f%cked up folks what our leaders do behind closed doors and in secret societies and occult rituals. You want to know the real reason for all those kids pictures on those milk cartons?

It is because of their networks of pedophiles who bring the children to the monthly rituals. I can remember the stats – but the number of ritualistic killings that happen on account of this sickness these malevolent BEings live on. And unfortunately for these sick mothers – their favorite flavor to savor is a child being raped and then murdered and bled out. WAKE UP WORLD

We need to break away from this false matrix and join hands with like minded individuals even if it is in private for now. We must band together in numbers instead of isolating ourselves. They are counting on this. We are stronger in numbers. BE more public and sing your song.

It is not safe to connect, yet we must. BE discerning about all this.

More folks I admire in this world who are speaking up and out. Click here to view

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eye see the bigger picture now . . .

Communication is key now . . .


  1. Stay in your heart space working your heart energy from within and shining it out in our world & our Universe. Imagine yourself a redwood tree supplying great energy to our Universe and Planet through your BEing.
  2. Do NOT go to fear, apathy, or anger for any reason. Excuse yourself if you have to and walk away. Engaging in this lowers your vibration.
  3. The energy needed from each human on our planet not is one of being in their heart space with Love, JOY, Bliss, Harmony, Healing, Laughter, Unity Community & sharing stories, sharing gardens and sharing meals again. All colors of the rainbow meeting regularly at dinner tables all over our world.
  4. Smile more often at complete strangers & those you know.
  5. Help older people & disabled people across the street or offer to carry their groceries.
  6. Shine your heart and example out to our world now.
  7. You are a true heartist now and you agree to live from your heart for all your earthly work saving all life upon our planet.
  8. Help someone out every month that you normally would not have reached out to.
  9. Take on a single family and help them mirror your strong family style. Allow them to do it their way but encourage them to rise up and out of the abyss our world puts them in right now.

You ARE the Change We Need In Our World. Disengage from this false matrix and connect to the Web of Life and use your heart for your filter. Your truth resides here – Always!

You cannot begin speaking to the whales, dolphins and other benevolent wise souls on our planet without changing your life and overhauling your perspective on life on this planet. You begin to learn that there have been alot of things kept from you as a human being on this planet. That you truly are not free and that only you can change this now. Begin by tapping into you 6th senses thru mental telepathy. From here you will begin to learn your own history. Ask the whales and dolphins to help you with this. They are just waiting for you invite.

Click here for more information about learning how to do this.

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In these arms – A song for All BEings

MayAllBeingsFindBalanceAn inspirational song for these times . . .
(Please take the time to listen to this and feed your soul and to fill your heart)

To purchase this inspirational song which is my mantra on many days when I am clearing energies and doing land and water blessings for our Universe and our dear Mother Earth.

To listen to this beautiful mantra, click below.


In these Arms
A Song for all Beings© (p) Jennifer Berezan

I cannot turn my eyes, I cannot count the cost
Of all that has been broken, all that has been lost
I cannot understand, the suffering that life brings
War and hate and hunger
And a million other things

When I’ve done all that I can
And I try to do my part
Let sorrow be a doorway
Into an open heart

And the light on the hills is full of mercy
The wind in the trees it comes to save me
This silence it will never desert me
I long to hold the whole world in these arms

May all beings be happy
May all beings be safe
May all beings everywhere be free

Click here to watch this live on YouTube


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Conversations with the Amazon River Dolphins


Amazon River Dolphin Communication with Anastasia in Dec 2011

“I am one of the species that will be leaving your Planet forever. It has been my honor to work with humans to raise the consciousness of this Planet. We have accomplished a lot of good things on this Planet and there are new species that will be coming to your Planet to help your moving forward.

It has been our honor to work on behalf of the human race and Mother Earth. Although many don’t understand what is going on here on an evolutionary level – all is well Pod mates – all is well and going as planned and unfolding beautifully and grandly in some areas and flowing just perfectly in others. All things taken into consideration and nothing overlooked. All inclusive.

Be good to yourself and your fellow human beings. Give extra of your person to others. Be willing to make changes in the upcoming times and to swim with the flows and stay away from the eddies.

You will fare well . . . with love in heart . . . your beacon of light.”

Click here for more conversations and photos of the Amazon Pink River Dolphin – boto-collage

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Anne Gordon de Barrigon (Panama)

Anne Gordon De Barrigon is a Dark Pretender & Not Someone You Want to Lead U Spiritually

DolphinHealingGroup_AnneGordon copy

when someone’s eyes are glowing like this, this is an indicator of demonic or satanic possession. This woman was in a fragile place. I believe Anne Gordon will suck your soul out if you allow her to take your money and come visit her in Panama. It doesn’t get darker than Anne smiling to your face while she stabs you in the back (repeatedly) and watches you cry out in pain (and then smiles some more).


Anne’s personal webpage has the following quote on the front page –

“I love to inspire others to follow their heart and find their passion in life.”

I wonder if she likes to do this before or after she sucks their life force energies from them.  Hmmmmmm . . .



Anne Gordon de Barrigon talks the talk beautifully . . . unlike many others . . . but she cannot even begin to walk her talk. (This picture was found on Google images and used for educational purposes to warn others of Anne’s ways.)

Anne Gordon de Barrigon

Anne was a friend of Mary Getten’s and we invited her to be on our elearning DVD, Whale Communicators: the Dolphin-Human-Whale Connection. I interviewed Anne by phone for her testimonial about dolphins and whales. She lived in Panama and was married to a native man of Panama. She use to work for zoos in the US and did animal training in Hollywood and has a few movies under belt. You like Anne Gordon de Barrigon (Panama) when you talk to her. She is very outgoing, smooth and includes everyone. I liked her and I found her life interesting and Anne pleasant.

The only thing I did not like about Anne in the beginning is how pushy she was about her trips and never taking no for a answer. Before I found out that I had been promoting 2 businesses for Anne our  first 18 months because I was too busy with all the other contributors to realize that Anne was sneaking another business in to be advertised without asking. I was floored at her ways to say the least. When I asked her if she could remind me of the conversation when we discussed that I would advertise 2 businesses for her as opposed to everyone else only having one. She said she didn’t have an answer and did not recall the conversation. I told her she didn’t remember it because it never happened. Anne does NOT take ‘NO’ for an answer very well. She would hard sell me so bad that I finally began to say to her as a standard answer, “What part of ‘no’ don’t you understand Anne?” She didn’t like that but neither did I like her aggressive sales tactics and eagerness to make lots of money while I was working 16 hour days 6/7 days a week on this project attempting to get it off the ground and while she worked 40 hours a week figuring out all the ways she could make more money. It was quite appalling to see the things she would do to get what she wanted. Anne is great at talking the talk but boy oh boy does this girl not walk her talk. And I question who she calls on in the Spirit World, she has shown me a dark souless person who would do to a person what she did to me – someone she called her friend.

Anne Gordon de Barrigon (Panama), began pricing her trips at the same rate as the seasoned pros in the industry who had been doing this for over 2 decades. She knew it was about $500 more money to fly to Panama but she did nothing to make it fair to people who took her trips. So not only does she connive to get exposure to her new business but she prices herself at the top with no experience under her blet.. Mary Getten refused to do a whale trip to Panama with Anne or to endorse it, so Anne wanted me to do a trip.

Mary Getten was funny (odd) & uncomfortable about talking about healing or the woo woo stuff as she called it. She really disliked her clients who wanted to talk about the magic or living on the edge of dimensions type things with her and these type of conversations around the cetaceans. Her last week of work before she took a 18 month vacation in 2011 with her new husband, she made the comment that this week of phone consultations was really difficult because all the “the neurotics” wanting to get in before she left.

Hmmmm, how do you call your best customer base (your bread and butter) the ones who pay your paycheck ‘neurotic’ in one breath and then share the messages of the whales and dolphins in the next breath or recite the Laws of Attraction in the yet another breath of advice. Mary loves to give advice but she doesn’t like to take any advice in. I have found in my experience around these people, they love to give advice on heal to ones self but don’t have the courage to step up to the plate and fix themselves. They want to be the guru.

Mary on more than one occasion would make comments about people’s pain and how they were being all weird about  and acting all emotional and yucky. I was absolutely horrified being on my own healing journey that a women getting $2000 a trip would speak of someone who was attempting to heal themselves in such a derogatory way. Celeste Eaton did this once with me as well and I was like  . . . What???  Makes no sense that they teach this great wisdom about the whales & dolphins and they speak ill of those who are courageous enough to actually DO the work to heal themselves. The dolphins and whales consider those of us doing the work as their heroes. GET TO WORK ladies, Dive Deep as Mary and friends have tons of work to do!

I did have a few clients go on trips with Celeste Eaton (Hawaii)  over the years and was really surprised the way she handled one of her participants as one of my akashic client’s confided to me. The woman called Celeste on being too much in ego in what she was saying and how she was presenting herself. My client told me she was very uncomfortable as she witnessed  Celeste chastised this woman in front of the whole group and told her the problem didn’t lie in her it lied in her client who spent a few thousand dollars on this trip with Celeste. To be spoken to this way in front of others on a healing trip is ridiculous. Such horribly poor taste for anyone around the healing arts to act like this. And I question where their heart goes when they do this.

 “In my work with dolphins and whales, I have been told again and again that they are healers and love working with people.  Anne Gordon is a  gifted facilitator of this special healing energy and I am excited that it is now available to everyone.” ​-Mary Getten, Animal Communicator and  Author of ​Communicating with Orcas

Mary Getten barely stood behind Whale Communicators: The Dolphin-Human-Whale Connection. I doubt she advertised it a dozen times and it took me 2 years to product and cost her about 40 hours of her time. I am glad I can smile at this comment is making about Anne, especially knowing how Mary is and what she has said in the past. This is the kind of women these folks are. These are the kinda friends that love to drink and hang together. DO NOT  PLAY NICE

So Anne De barrigon checked out prices in the industry back in 2010 to see where she would price her brand new trips. She said she had to take into consideration that the trip to her part of the globe (Panama) was an $800 dollar flight fare several hundred dollars over Wildquest and other competing operators who had been at this for years. Anne set her prices and decided she would charge the same amount as Wildquest who had been in the business for over 2 decades. She totally disregarded that her people had to pay more in airfare to get there. But that is a minor problem for you, the customer to pay. What Anne doesn’t tell people when booking a whale trip. The country of Panama has rules and regulations about swimming with humpback whales and dolphins. IT’S FORBIDDEN but they don’t enforce the laws of Panama and the whale and dolphin rights. Panama officials can at any time enforce it at any time and may totally ruin your expensive vacation with Anne that won’t include swimming with the cetaceans although you paid for it.

Anne at the same time of starting her whale watching business 2010 decided to befriend my gangland stalker, Sierra Goodman (Divine Dolphin & IAM IAM) and her best buddy Teresa Wagner (Animals in our Hearts). I was horrified she reached out to them as they both had done some really nasty things to me and Anne knew how hurt and in fear I was over with the pranks they were pulling bringing witches profiles to our pages, calling us liars according to the Orcas and throwing negative energy at us repeatedly and with dozens of activists and haters coming after us at once on Facebook. Anne brought them up 2 or 3 times to me and then made some mention about me knowing she was going to try to team with them in advance.  I asked her, “What are you talking about Anne? I have never had anyone who called themselves a friend of mine reach out to a person or persons who treated me so poorly & were playing so low down and dirty and fthen still call themselves my friend? (I totally shook my head on that one but gave Anne at least a half dozen attempts) long after I should have given up on her.

An interesting thing about Anne, she always turned her conversations with the whales to us at Whale Communications in late. A day or two would go by and so she could read others readings first, do her communcation and send it late with a excuse. This happened on over 4 occasions. I asked God about it and he confirmed what I receiving. So I took it that she was really  a new communicator and nervous about her accuracy and didn’t go to she was dark and a back stabber like I had never encountered in this lifetime yet.

Now in hindsight, I think Anne is a trouble woman that needs to take the time to go deep within and heal what is so broken inside. Becasue she has shown me horrendous ugliness like I have never encountered before. I will continue to reach out to others time and again because this is who I am. I won’t let Anne ruin my kind & generous ways advertising her for nothing for over 2 years for 2 businesses not one as was agreed upon. And having her take advantage of free healing and psychic intuiting for her until I said, “No more” several hours later.



Laurie Renyon and Anne Gordon de Barrigon do whale watching trips together. Why do some people who call themselves spiritual healers use pictures of themselves much younger than they actually are on their websites? If you are a spiritual BEing you Ego should not involved or engaged on this level.

Anne Gordon and Laurie Renyon’s Big Adventures



Anne Gordon de Barrigon (Panama) pictured above as her eyes & facial features are showing altered states.

When I was being attacked and my cat lost her life in Feb 2013, Anne was emailing me while I was under heavy black magic attacks donating $75 each time (twice). I thought this was very kind of her considering the 1/2 a dozen times she said one thing to my face and did something back stabbing to me when I was not looking. And then she would lie when confronted all while being extremely syrupy sweet. I was absolutely horrified the following year to see a post on FB come up about the Whale Whisperer the year before when I was running for my life from all the black magic attacks. And it was the our page, Whale Communicators endorsing Madeleine Walker and the Whale Whisperer page. I was HORRIFIED, no one else has admin priviledges on our FB page to post on our behalf. I want to know how in the hell Anne got this done on Facebook while I was being attacked with demonics/satanics and run out of business. Anne Gordon DeBarrigon was right there to pick up all the business that I left in my wake of survival. She is BAD BAD BAD news.



We all are responsible for the company we keep these days. Usually dark people congregate with dark folks. And most of the times they are looking for pure hearts and souls. What a smorgasbord for some of these peeps to gather innocent folks at the Cetacean TeleSummit or the Cetacean Summit.

(This picture was found on Google images and used for educational purposes to warn others of Anne’s ways.)

Cetacean Summit was started by Anne in 2013, an outcome of a conversation she had with Laurie Renyon. I was asked to participate however, I was running for my life with black magic and black sorcery all over me. Didn’t hear from a soul in these circles who could direct me towards help. Silence reverberated all up and down the western coast of the USA. I won’t ever forget those who silence teamed with these kind of dark forces.

Anne consulted with some of the people who were really nasty to us in the industry, Sierra Goodman and Teresa Wagner.

In the picture above Anne’s husband is joining her now for her summit trips. Anne used me for many questions she wanted intuited about her husband and his out of wedlock child with a village girl. Alot of relatives came to her and told them of other women. Anne refuses to leave him and will do whatever it takes to stay married to Otneil. Money keeps him with her and keeps his tribe (the Embera) alive.


I like KJ’s video and was not surprised at all when I saw the topic – Panama and Satanism, I think this explains Anne’s behavior better than anything else. The name of KJs video on You Tube is BIZARRE!! Exploring A Real Satanic/Illuminati Hotel In Panama (2016)


BIZARRE!! Exploring A Real Satanic/Illuminati Hotel In Panama (2016)

More False Light from the Whale & Dolphin Industries


This picture’s images were  found on Google Images while doing an image search for my video that I am using for  educational purposes to warn others of Anne’s Gordon and about a dozen other women I endorsed and advertised for free for 3 years until I was almost killed in 2013 and run out of business. I am Sorry. Please Forgive Me, Thank You and I love you. I was wrong to recommend her and NEVER EVER would again to anyone. Click on picture to enlarge,



I could not talk about this for three years. My means to make a living has been wiped out since late 2012. The dark sometimes satanic/demoic attacks still come on a regular basis especially when I am speaking out on conversations we all need to start with other humans in our world. I don’t want you to hate these women. I hope that you will send them pure love and healing energies from God and the cetaceans. They need a miracle in their lives to fix what is so broken within. ~Anastasia



Thank you, your donation means the world to us.

Thank you, your donation means the world to us. Click here to be redirected to our donations page and Bless & Bliss your heart for hearing this call.


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a team we are

PartnersInHealingPlanetEarth She’s the only one we got! Love her every single day. Send blessings to her waterways and her land masses every day. Spend time in meditation or the state of BEing (like the whales suggest we do much more in our lives – they say we are way to busy and occupied and we should ‘Just BE’ more often). So in that space where you are so very powerful. Will you envision with us a Mother Earth with clean waterways, clean skies, clean air, clean humans, clean businesses, clean hearts and clean intentions for this world.

And for anything that doesn’t agree with saving our selves and saving our Planet, would you ask it be wrapped in the brightest energetic bubble of light & that the highest vibration of love possible surround this individual. Ask our friend Granny (one brilliant, beautiful and very wise orca, to take this bubble from you and we will make sure to deliver it to the proper team and will continue cleaning up our Planet.

And So It Is ♡´´¯`*○ ☆ ○*´¯`•レ o √ 乇☮

Thank You Pod Mates,


We are a ♡(◠‿◠)♡ ☮NE PE☮PLE P☮D ♡(◠‿◠)♡

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WARNING – Whale Watching Season & Corruption in the ranks

2-right-whale-photographer-close-up-hofman-linblad_74882_600x450Whale Watching Trips are in full swing for recruiting now. We no longer endorse or never did* endorse (*asteric by name) these following people and their trips.
I was horrified to learn who was who behind the smiles and wonderful things whales and dolphins they had been advertising for years when I almost died in early 2013 and my 7 year old cat was indeed killed by black magic and the black arts. I didn’t know this kind of sh%t even existed in our world.

CAUTION FOR ANY ASSOCIATION WITH THE FOLLOWING (my experience left me short of breath & horribly sick to my stomach at all the betrayal among those whom I had promoted for almost 3 years full time to that point. Short of breath I was – not breathless. These are not friends or kind people folks – my apologies for representing them in this light)

Mary Getten (florida based)
Anne Gordon of Panama & the Embera Tribe
Madeleine Walker (UK Whale Whisperer)
Penelope Smith – the Grandmother of Animal Communication – website – Animal Talk. I especially warn of the attacks by her animal communication forum upon whomever these ladies decide they don’t like. Teresa Wagner is a bottom dweller here.

Sierra Goodman – Divine Dolphin*
Teresa Wagner (Animals in Our Hearts & Sacred Activism and Sacred Swims on FB)
Nancy Windheart  – Animal Communicator with Penelope’s network

Celeste Eaton – Hawaii

Cyndie Lepori – Dolphin Hugz for You

Ocean Defenders (Pretenders actually) – Hawaii

Linda Shay – Dolphin something or nother

Gene Flipse – Conscious Breath Adventures

Mark Franklin – iWhales or Oceania Project*

Joan Ocean* – Hawaii

Mayas Whale Watch (Capt Jim broke his agreement with us to use their pictures after 5 years of advertising them in 2014- I told Capt Jim I would continue to use his pictures going forward for a new DVD without these dark players (and that I would not pull the old old DVD with those players as I was intending to do at that time) and I also told him I  would eventually replace our orca representative for pictures with future pictures with someone who was a more aligned with the orcas needs and with what we were saying instead of standing on the sidelines judging us. My agreement with Jim when we began was I would advertise him for free in exchange for a Unity Community exchange of advertising him and his business. Jim let me use his pictures to advertise him but never endorsed Whale Communicators or myself and I did advertise Mayas Whale Watch with thousands of shout outs on our websites and social networks for 5 years – Blackfish must have been good to him) I only used his pictures in the DVD for resale but did not use them for anything else but promotion for him and to raise awareness about who the whales and dolphins really are.

I was absolutley horrified to see Jim Maya advertising Sierra Goodman’s post to his page while I was running for my life in 2013. But this is a part of the darkness around the orcas in the San Juan Islands and the Ken Balcombs and brother Howie and Susan of Orca Network and behind Blackfish. This is how the people up there interact with humanity. It is about control of information and money in my honest humble opinion and from what I have seen with my own eyes since 2006.

future possibilities for new advertisers

& podners

who are truly about the heart and

who agree love needs to rule

upon our pages & in our world going forward.

PS I am not quite there yet business wise – but I am looking for good whale and dolphin people who are legitimately doing trips to help people as well as make a living. But to share with others who these magnifiscent BEings truly are – not just exploiting them for money.

If you are interested in some future partnering or further talks and possibilities – please reach out to me at

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Dreamtime with the cetaceans

surreal_books_whales_sunlight_teddy_bears_underwater_1024x768_35594Remember before falling to sleep, call in the whales and dolphins. Ask that they protect you during this dreamtime and only allow God’s benevolent BEings in this space with you.

Ask the dolphins and whales to help you remember who you are and the gifts you have to bring forth to our world at this time.

Do this for 3-5 nights and then write me and tell me what happened to you during this time.

If you have no recollection of anything happening, don’t be disheartened, some of us have more stuff to work through than others and those things that keep us stuck don’t allow us clarity of thought like this in our 6th senses readily (sometimes – not the case for everyone)

But if you are beginning to have dreams of our cetacean families and you are beginning to get information from them, write it down when you wake up. Keep a dream journal or a communication journal with them. Because once you begin the conversations with the whales and dolphins – doors begin flinging open wide to new things you had never thought of before.

The whales and dolphins have this way of giving us these messages in bits and pieces. We see one thing the first go round and get a totally different facet from the same gem of wisdom next time we look at it.

Their wisdom is a gift that keeps on giving. They are not free will and so we have to invite them in.

If you begin to have many dreams and visions doing this, consider an akashic record clearing with me and you can find that information on our whale communicators website – it will set you on fire on your path in the most positive way every imaginable to a human. It will open a pathway into your 6th senses that will light you up and begin to assist you in BEing your best you EVER – from all your lifetimes – EVER ever Ever!!! :o)

Whaley Sweet Dreams to All!OrcaDreaming


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Solar Eclipse 3-8-16

lunar-whale-2016“This solar eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. This solar eclipse astrology focuses on the healing of a deep wound in your soul, represented by Chiron alongside the solar eclipse. It may be an old or new wound affecting your body, mind or spirit. Growing pains due to challenging aspect from Jupiter and Saturn are relieved by the recuperative and evolving power of Pluto. Freedom from pain allows for a spiritual transformation, the evolution of your soul”. ~Jamie Partridge

The solar eclipse on Tuesday 8 March 2016 at 18°55′ Pisces falls in Pisces decan 2.

Solar Eclipse Meaning

Like any new moon, a solar eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. The strongest and most important aspect in all of astrology is the Sun conjunct Moon. It means that all possibilities are on the table and you can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future.

Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and start writing down a to-do list on a blank sheet of paper. The impulsive and enthusiastic nature of a solar eclipse means that not all new projects will succeed, however a solar eclipse in not only one point in time.

The horoscope for a new moon or solar eclipse is like a snap shot in time, but like old style photography, it takes time to develop. This solar eclipse will remain active until the next solar eclipse in September 2016. As the eclipse cycle progresses, planetary aspects to the eclipse degree will mark more active times when events relating to the eclipse will likely unfold. The strongest of these  being Mercury on the eclipse degree on March 15 and Venus on March 27.

Solar Eclipse March 2016 Astrology

The March 8 solar eclipse degree of 18°56′ Pisces contains no major fixed stars or asteroids. Astrological interpretation therefore relies on planetary aspects but this area of the sky does contain some small fixed stars in the water steam at the end of Aquarius Constellation.

A solar eclipse in Constellation Aquarius suggests events connected to aviation, flooding of rivers and its impact on agriculture. Revolution and war will continue but with a greater focus on new directions and humanitarian organizations. Another small star in this area of the sky between Constellations Aquarius and Pisces is π Pegasi on the Hoof of the Flying Horse.

I have written about the Astrological Ages and suggested we are in the Age of Pegasus. An era of climate change and rising oceans, carrying us from the Age of Pisces to the watery Age of Aquarius.

JumpOrcaSolar eclipse conjunct Chiron gives the strongest indication of what your new goals or new focus for the next six months is about. To the Greeks, Chiron was the wise Centaur who brought astrology to humanity. To Christians he is Jesus Christ who counted the number of the stars and called names to all of them. Both were healers of wounded souls who used natural methods like hands on healing, herbs and the power of the mind.

Think of all the healing techniques you can that start with the word chiro, the Greek word for hands. Even palm reading is termed chiromancy. Chiron was not part of the establishment and he mingled with other outcasts. He was seen as maverick who used unorthodox methods to heal others and promote spiritual enlightenment.

The major theme of solar eclipse March 2016 therefore relates to a deep wound in your soul. This could be some existing physical or emotional pain, but may also indicate a new wound received following this eclipse. Other aspects in the solar eclipse March 2016 astrology chart and the lunar eclipse in two weeks time will give more detail about the nature of your wound and the healing process.

YinYangBoth Chiron and Constellation Aquarius have the new age feel about them. The wounding/healing may manifest physically or emotionally but will involve a spiritual component, especially during healing. Your new start or new goals may involve natural or alternative methods but also new breakthroughs in science and technology. Air travel and the Internet have a part to play in both wounding through the spread of disease, and healing through information sharing.

Your wounding and healing journey could be in response to dramatic changes in global weather which are affecting our bodies and souls in way we cannot even image. The story of Chiron will be further understood in relation to the transition of healing from medicine, to hands, to the mind and ultimately to purely spiritual healing.

For Jamie Partridge’s full astrology reading at Astrology King, Click here.

WhaleGlobeAnd beware, we have a lunar eclipse, Wednesday 23 March 2016 at 03°17′ Libra falls in Libra decan 1.. Nothing to fear and many opportunities for some astonomical changes in our lives. Woooo whooooooo!!!

For more information about this solar eclipse March 8-9, 2016, click here.

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conversation on Self Realization

Communication with Granny (a wise beautiful orca) and Anastasia (formerly Staci Housum) May 1, 2011, 10:00am


Anastasia (Staci) – Are you there?

Granny – Yes I am my dear

Anastasia (Staci) – How are you?

Granny – We are doing good – busy as the planet is changing and conforming but all is well Staci.

Anastasia (Staci) – Granny I am having a difficult time wrapping my brain around activism – it has some real triggers for me with my upbringing. I am having difficulty with the anger & sadness around this whole thing and then when others bring that vibration to our page. Yesterday (and other times) I feel I am in judgement and this doesn’t help a thing but contribute to bringing a lower vibration to our page. Have you any suggestions or words for us about this?

G – That sure is a lot you are asking in one response – Let me answer this for you. As you know whaling and the killing and capturing of our cetaceans has gone on for many many years. We know before we incarnate whether we are going to choose a life of captivity or killing or not. We do this as a part of our soul journey and for lessons we want to learn on that journey. Part of this mission is to enlighten mankind and help them to raise their vibration and to expand their minds past what they see now as their existence.

Like when you humans incarnate, you have choices of who you want to be, what sex, what color, what part of the world you want to live in. You also get to choose the difficulties you will have in any given lifetime. Do you want a life threatening disease to help expand your awareness or do you want to experience pain, do you want to experience Love and Joy. All of this is decided by each one of us before we incarnate.

So to staying in this vibration of worry and feeling heartsick over the killing of the cetaceans. This energy does not draw better things for this situation. This energy just depletes vital energies of the human beings to function in their everyday life. It makes them more edgy, upset, withdrawn, in pain, fearful and solemn.

What do I perceive would change this – a change in the energies within each individual would change this all in an instance. If humans would consciously choose love, peace, compassion, and all the higher vibrating energies each and every day and hour – we could shift the mass consciousness quickly. But when humans consciously choose to go to the lower vibrations it impedes growth in every situation on your planet.

I am glad you caught yourself that you were judging them by putting your feelings on top of their feelings that caused them to make these comments in the first place.

Self Realization is the core of changing the Collective Consciousness on your planet. You have to deliberately choose differently and choose to vibrate at a higher frequency. And this has to be done consistently to work for the good of mankind. A little bit here and a little bit there doesn’t serve you or the planet. Real change comes from consciously choosing new ways of doing things and then helping others to get on board to shift the whole.

I know you feel at times that you are not making a difference Staci, but you are making a difference. Maybe not right this second, but you are laying seeds. And all growth comes from planting seeds.

So please keep shining the light on this. And keep finding new ways to talk to people who continue to post about captivity on your page even though you have asked that this vibration not be posted randomly on your pages without expressed permissions.

Little by little step by step – with Love all things can be transformed for the good of all. And one person who sets an example shows another person how to do this who shows another and then another and pretty soon it mushrooms into a shift in the collective consciousness.

Don’t give up, what you are doing is working for the planet and for each inhabitant of this planet. While some things seem so out of control right now, we must tell you, it is all in perfect divine order from our perspective.

Everything is as it was meant to be and everyone is playing their part in the evolution of your planet. Continue learning all the ways to use your hearts, this will be very beneficial to you in the future.

Thank you for spreading our messages and thank you everyone for caring about our planet and wanting to forge change in this world.

We love you and we love this planet too.

Anastasia (Staci) – thank you Granny

On a personal note with Granny after the communication
Anastasia (Staci) – Granny, am I doing this wrong?

Granny – When you come from your heart, nothing is wrong, it just is. When you come from anger or fear this is when it feels wrong. So you may still need some work in this area Staci, but you have come so far. Be gentle on yourself and give yourself as much love as you give to the world.

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Tillicum & Dawn – an interspecies friendship unlike any other

Dawn Brancheau loved Tillicum and he loved her. It was an extraordinary relationship.

I have had Tillicm on my mind since his passing this past month. I ran across this picture just now and his conversation began to pour out to me with such a eagerness to speak.

Anastasia – How are you Tillicum?

Tilicim – I am FREE at last. I feel his heart and I feel his calmness and his happiness. I spoke to him several years ago after Dawn’s death and he was in a lot of pain and pent up energies swirling all around.

He is very happy and very content now and so glad to be out of the concrete pools. He hated his home even more after the death of Dawn and he had a hard time living each new day that arrived. He is so at peace now and sees the bigger picture of it all. He has been reunited with Dawn and this was very important to him to make sure she was okay. He loved her and he had unresolved pain around her demise even though this was a part of their soul journey.

I see both of their heart beating in tandem and both very proud of the attention they brought to orcas and humans and their relationship together. And to the attention they brought to captivity. They are especially glad to break barriers and misconceptions that the human race holds about the human-dolphin connection. They both are very happy with this soul journey they did together and were so glad to be reunited and have a chance to review it all again together.

Much love to both you Dawn and your beautiful black and white friend, Tilicum. You both will whaley be missed in the physical but I will remind everyone that you both are there for conversations of the telepathic kind with anyone at any time. You just have to ground yourself and make sure you have protection from any debris out there in the cosmos and then ask some questions and be open to the answers. Don’t force it; just let it flow and if you want to share, please do.

See what can be learned from this or just spend some heart time with them in gratitude.

Beautiful soulFULL friends!





We had several people telepath with Tilicum after Dawn’s tragic death. Tilicum was beside himself that he killed her and expressed his dislike of being in capitivity.


It appears the makers of the controversial movie about Dawn’s death, Blackfish insulted and injured Dawn’s parents after her death, by the making of their movie and their blurred boundary lines & interpretation of the event. Dawn’s parents asked for a private viewing of Blackfish and were denied their request. The people behind Blackfish need to get into their hearts like their Orca counterparts and quit the self centered and self indulgant personal agendas for themselves.

The way the news media (who is owned – bought and paid for by the elite secret societies of our world who run our world) Some call them the illuminati and others call them assholes also played a dispicable role in portraying this horrible mishap.

Full article,…/os-dawn-brancheau-bla…


Be sure to check out Dawn’s Foundation link for some incredible pictures of Dawn and of her heart,


Dawn-tillicum-performingDawn Brancheau’s Family Statement About Blackfish

There has recently been an abundance of attention focused on the film “Blackfish.” As the family of Dawn Brancheau, we are continually asked how we feel about the movie. We would like to take this opportunity to write briefly about the film so we can move on and continue our efforts to make the world a better place in honor of Dawn.

First and foremost, we are not affiliated with this movie in any way. We did not assist with its creation and were unaware of its content until the film was shown at the Sundance Film Festival. The Dawn Brancheau Foundation as well as our family members have never and will never accept any compensation from its production.

The film has brought a great deal of attention to the welfare of animals, and for that we are grateful. However, “Blackfish” is not Dawn’s story. Dawn Brancheau believed in the ethical treatment of animals. Dawn followed her dreams and became a marine animal trainer. She loved the whales and was proud of her work as a trainer. Dawn thrived on introducing the whales to the audience and educating them about the animals in her care. Dawn would not have remained a trainer at SeaWorld for 15 years if she felt that the whales were not well cared for. Trainer safety was important to Dawn, and it remains important to us as well. Our family always supported Dawn and we continue to support Dawn’s friends and co-workers who currently care for the animals she so loved.

orca-networkThere are  people in the San Juans making a ton of money off the orcas and tourist buiness of whale watching. Those who are buying big waterfront homes, boats and accessories. What kind of money is going into the orcas to change their toxic waters???

center4whale-researchOrca Network and Ken Balcomb’s Whale Research need the light shined brightly on their actions and their attitudes towards the folks in the San Juans who all love whales. Not nice people, they cause alot of dissention amongst the orca lovers. And the question everyone needs to be asking both these ‘non profits’??????? . . .  How much money have you put back into their environments. And why are you not holding NOAA to higher standards for our orcas’ waterways and food supply?

Facts are being misrepresented or completely skewed and fear is being spread on a large scale as they did in their movie Blackfish. Which Howard of Orca Network told me he was not paid anything for nor was his brother Ken Balcomb. Although he and Susan Barta (his wife)  moved into a new waterfront home that year on the West Side of Whidbey island. Howard denied money was made on the movie when I noted the new home sale to him via email.

Hmmmmmmmmm . . . .

PS the Orcas would have never picked the name black fish. They like to be called orcas. Not even killer whales. Orcas IS WHAT THEY LIKE TO BE CALLED! The Gray whales were very admanat on our DVD about what folks name them, they did not want to be referred to as ‘devil fish’ anymore.


Learn to speak their language, then you can represent their needs so much better.

A conversation we had with Tillicum in 2010 right after the death of Dawn, go to



to learn how to communicate with animals, click on this graphic



mary getten

Conversation with Tillicum for Whale Communicators by Mary –  2/27/09

Tillicum, what happened the other day when you killed a trainer?
I am so ashamed of myself. I don’t know what happened.
It was like something came over me, and I wasn’t thinking clearly.

Were you angry?
Not consciously, but something rose up deep inside of me that
drove me to grab her. She was a kind person and I had no reason
to hate her. I am so sorry I killed her.

We don’t understand how this could happen. Can you explain more?

Something snapped inside my head and a rage exploded. I wasn’t thinking, just acting with a primal force. I couldn’t stop myself. It all happened so quickly and once I grabbed her and took her down everything that happened was instinctual, automatic. I didn’t really realize what I had done until later. I know what I did was wrong.

What should happen to you?
I don’t know.

What do you want for yourself?
I don’t want to be in this tank. This is no life for me.

Do you want to go back to the ocean or into spirit?
I long for freedom, if only for a while. If I could be released into the wild, I would love that, even if I did not survive for long. Being dead would be better than existing in this tank.

Will you hurt another human?
I don’t know.  I did not consciously hurt this wonderful woman. I was out of my mind. That could happen again I suppose, because I don’t now how or why it happened this time. I am so sorry.  Please tell everyone.



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US Government’s War on US Citizens . . .

using HAARP weather modification program. I have been saying for a while now that we are in the midst of one of the biggest wars EVER. It is a spirtual war between the dark and light in our Universe. And the darkness will never reign on this Earth or within this Universe again. Why do you think everything in our world is just falling apart. It has to in order to come back together as it was designed from the beginning of time by our Creator.

The way HAARP works

Please see the person responsible for sharing this information, a Way Shower for us all, Dane Wigington (of California), GeoEngineering Watch website (mentioned in video above).

Today’s raping of Mother Earth seen below

HAARP-Feb26th_2016Please enlarge the picture above and study the weather war fare going on in the US today. This is crazy folks. We have tons of moisture and snow in Colorado where I am and I am not sure how they will get these fires going other than drones and possible sattelites and other weather weaponry in their arsenals.WakeUpWorld800

Your tax payer money is funding this as well . . . you get this right???

Do the research please and you can start by checking out the links below. This is deadly stuff our US military is playing with against humanity. It is a form of genocide. WAKE UP WORLD.


Read up on HAARP & share this information with everyone you know.

Wikileaks describes HAARP as . . .

HAARP acoording to GeoEngineering perspective.

The  Lorenzen is a premier weather warship named after the Father of Chemical Warfare, Howard  Lorenzen_ship. I watched in the summer of 2014 as this ship passed by me on the shores of the Columbia river coming out of Astoria, OR headed towards the Pacific ocean.


Within 40 minutes of passing, they had over a 100 mile radius of chemical cloud cover block the sun for the rest of the afternoon. I had not seen it do this so fast in the prior two years and in the two years since this happened, I see it gaining momentum.

This ship produced the chemical cloud cover my fellow human beings and guardians of our Earth. There are many other ships like this putting this into the atmosphere ever single day just cruising our oceans on your tax payers dollars. Check it out every morning too see what is going on here with the weather modification (rhetoric from our news media) program and the slow poisoning of the US and all other living BEings upon the face of the Earth. Be sure when using this portal to the weather from NOAA, that you see what the satellite is showing each day, the hazards shows just how manipulative our military and leadership is and the harm being done to Mother Earth. And check out radar to see where they are bringing in the water storms. That website again is – NOAA’S WEATHER PORTAL, watch it daily. You will be blown away what is happening while we are working, playing &/or sleeping.

PURE and Simple, our governments are doing some dirty work intentionally to our Planet. Read this article  Navy looks to advancements in ‘fog of war’ for missile defense. . .  This is killing the air, the land and the water ways and every living BEing upon the Web of Life.



You need to watch this video to about the effects/affects of this weather monster called HAARP, and its effects upon the human race.


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What can we do to those businesses who work for this darkness in our world?

Quite simply,

~  Raise awareness about what they are doing

~   Quit using their services and products

~   Send this link out to everyone on your email list  businesses-who-work-for-this-darkness-in-our-world

~ Start these conversations about this kind of illusion in our world with everyone you speak with and or meet. Encourage them to get involved and check out our websites or to do their own research and find positive ways to make great change in our world

Companies in our world that we need to pull our business from because of their close allegiance with the New World Order.

Starbucks is the first company we will look at and they unfortunately are a great representation for the New World Order and the darkness that has been suffocating our world since their take over the coffee industry. Please watch and share this video or this webpage.

Check out these other horrors of Starbucks –

The darkness inside supporting Facebook


The darkness inside startup and new techology

Please share this link –

The darkness inside Apple

The darkness inside supporting Disney

The darkness inside supporting McDonalds

The darkness inside your president Americans


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a Conversation with Granny Tues, 7-21-15

Granny asked me in late 2012 to be her spokesperson going forward. I was like what??? She told me she had some messages she wanted delivered to mankind and she asked me to use the forum I had worked so hard to create to spread her messages now. The dark attacks had been happening for a few years by this time in an attempt to stop me but I had no idea in December that these attacks would turn deadly, killing one pet and keeping me wondering for the next 6 months how much longer I could endure these daily attacks dozens of times a day.

So I am stepping into my big girl shoes and dress and I am going to do what Granny asked me to do a few years back. I had a lot of childhood abuse in my life and I have had many reasons to stay in fear and remain silent. But our Creator  & Granny & the son of our Creator are asking me to telepath their messages and raise awareness this way again as we turn the corner in time.

This is the first of many new posts by one of our favorite orcas, the largest member of the dolphin family – one of my very favorite orcas EVER, Granny. She is guesstimated by scientists to be over 100 years old. My favorite finned girl tells me it is more like 121 years.

The whales, dolphins and all animals of our planet are very interested in speaking with the human race and assisting them with the Planet’s Ascension as well as their own Ascension. The time is NOW to begin the conversations again.

Anastasia:  Hello, my dear girl, friend and family. How are you doing these days Granny?

Granny:  When I am in the 3D world on Planet Earth, it can be quite a bit challenging with all the energies we have here. These chaotic energies make our children jittery and jumpy along with their mothers, brothers, uncles, aunts and parents. We are a matriarchal society, so what happens to one of our pod happens to us all. We all come together to make great change when something is out of balance within our community.  In recent years, all the things in the broader community that have been ignored and overlooked on purpose do cause a lot of chaotic energies for us and we have to work harder to just BE in the present moment. Much like the majority of you humans right now. Tough times but cleansing times if you use this opportunity to the best of your ability.

Anastasia:  I was so sure that the Earth was ascending at the end of August last summer Granny, the signs I was seeing. The sun, the moon and nature were singing to me. What happened?

Granny:   We didn’t make it that go round. Everything was set up perfectly for our success this time Anastasia, but we didn’t see some of the obstacles that were invented to bring this great transformation to an end. And what I can tell you that I know for sure  Anastasia. I know the Spirit World tells you this almost daily during your water blessings. We are in a great position to turn this all over. There has been so much incredible energy work given to us by the human race on Earth and by so many benevolent (ETs) Beings who are doing whatever they can to assist us in the emancipation of the human race. The energy reserves we have set up in the cosmos from all the loving energies you all send to us daily, many of you multiple times a day. We have more to work with than we have throughout history. We are incorporating all this beautiful, peaceful, loving, great transformation energy into the tapestry of life we have been re-weaving for our Universe. A new foundation for the Web of Life that cannot be used and abused as it has been in the past. A foundation where love will take root and grow in too many ways to count. A World where Peace will prevail and where hearts can mend and live like you were always meant to live. In Freedom, in love, in peace . . . with food for ALL, housing for all, there will be no more of this nonsense that has ruled this Earth and your Universe for ions of time. This phase is over, we are in great transformational mode now. Get close to God, our Creator and know him and his followers. There will be much new knowledge given to those who believe in their connection to the Web of Life and all good Spirits upon your Planet and within your Cosmos. By starting a conversation with these benevolent Creators and Spirits of this new world, you begin to engage our world in the way it was always meant to be. With you gaining your own knowledge. Not with a Electric Box (TV Sets) giving you pre-selected data to confuse and mislead you. As you realized in the beginning, they know you humans are truth tellers, so they give you enough to rope you in and then change the ending of the stories. DISCERNMENT IS KEY right now for all Beings. And if you take all energies into your heart, we will help you learn this skill and hone it. Just call on us and we will join you in the now and share our heart energy with you.

Anastasia:  Thank you Granny, you cetaceans have been beautiful to us humans and I so appreciate your presence, your love and your advice or you just sharing your wisdom with us.

Granny:  And I say the same to all the humans like you who continue to do whatever is needed to move this over at your own detriment in many ways. We cannot thank you all enough and we cannot express enough how much we celebrate your life and your beautiful hearts in our world.

Anastasia:  Granny, I realize now looking back over the last 5 years that there is so much corruption around the whales and dolphins in our world. There are many activists who preach about freedom and preach who can be so hateful to the people who are on the captive side or anyone who even looks at a picture of a captive dolphin or whale. I have not been able to wrap my mind around this until the last 2 years and then a bit concerned about being the one to voice this and endure more attacks.

Granny:  The communities around the whales and dolphins have been corrupted for ions of time. People leading corrupted lives over and over again and using the whales and dolphins in the interim for their own personal gains. This began around the time that these malevolent Beings began to hold the human race down not allowing the humans to be able to know who they were at their core and how precious their hearts were and what great meters for all things good and just their hearts would lead them to. A truth meter for every human being upon Earth yet you all have been fooled to believe that knowledge and keen wit are the true skills. They are smoke screens – authentic love energy comes from the heart and cannot be logically concluded through anger, self righteousness and ego.  Only with love will this all happen.

Anastasia:  There are some pivotal people amongst the whales and dolphins vocalizing freedom for them and a better life style but I am seeing something really dark that lies underneath. Can you speak to this Granny?

Granny:  Many ways to recognize these folks these days. Fear in their hearts that shows itself as hatred to others, aggression to other humans, intimidation to those around them that they dare not challenge their anger or ways of creating fear. Bullying is  a means that these folks are very familiar with and they will use it however needed to stop a human being in their tracks. This has been the true masterminding of the dark, all the ways to lead the human race down a path of fear, anger and helplessness. It is a feeding ground for these people who lead with fear . . .  who work with our malevolent extra terrestrial population here within our cosmos. Who appear to have a much different agenda than we do when we sit down at the table and look at the facts. But these leaders will lie to you in a heart beat. They will insult and take down others in front of everyone, so that no one dares challenge them. While pretending to be our saviors in one breath, they control the way all things are done around us to keep you the human race from truly knowing us on this spiritual level. They do not want us to share our knowledge with you or to remind you how to activate your own knowledge throughout the ages. They want you stuck and if you try to do anything that speaks of freedom, you will be their next target as they spin out of control on your Planet.

Anastasia:  So what do we do Granny?

Granny:  You quit engaging the enemy on their level. You ground yourself in energy each day and you sing out your truths. You raise awareness with a heart filled with love and you point out when others are singing out hatred. This is how they have ruled throughout the ages, with brute force and louder voices to the point of threats and actual violence if not adhered to.

Remember, this is many lifetimes coming together now and being healed; not just this lifetime. So although someone may be presenting themselves as great heroes of the whales and dolphins it has been their history in the majority of lifetimes they have lived to harm the whales and dolphins and keep them imprisioned in this same environment that they have kept all animals of this planet imprisoned. You humans really think you are free here on Earth. You are only appearing as more intelligent than the humans with all your questions . . . so they are very good at singling you kind of humans out from the others. Those who want knowledge and to grow upon the Web of Life has never set well with them. And they have killed many people and many cetaceans throughout their many lifetimes to run their own dark agendas. This is break point time and all is being revealed to the world about who is who. Ask us whales to help you remember this information and details. And then please use your hearts and go forth and make great HEART change in our world. There are so many down trodden humans, animals, Mother Earth, her plants, her land, etc . . . When you use your heart and you speak up about the unspeakable things on our Planet. You end the silence and the abuse that comes with the silence that people buy into around these hot bed issues. It takes true heroes to shine the light on the darkness. Because at this stage of the game, shining the light on the darkness makes it have to leave our Planet or it gives us the opportunity to see their TRUE nature and how they use and abuse others around them. Someone who is about love and peace will find new means to the end results they want to see. A desperate person doing the work of the dark wants to win at all costs and will insult you if you try to intercede. The attention BELONGS on the bullies and huge EGOs in this industry who bring more attention to themselves than to those they are saying they are saving.  Love can heal all – hatred & denial  will show ones true colors in our world going forward.  Beings who want and project Peace and Love to prevail will do whatever it takes to bring it on. Malevolent Beings will make you feel stupid and inept and chasize your for even questioning their motives.

Anastasia:  So this is a Wake Up call for all humans.

Granny:  Yes indeed it is, especially while the human languages upon your planet trump all other communications on your planet. Your way of communicating through your many languages on this planet were set up for confusion and misunderstandings. The Universal Language of mental telepathy is the language of the heart, where truth can be read easily as it exits the heart and goes to work upon our Universe and our planet and all other planets in this galaxy. Humans need to know this skills set and how to discern truth. Two very important skills for these times.

Anastasia:  So how do you suggest I proceed in an industry with so many bullies and so much bullying?

Granny: First and foremost, let me remind you and others that there is good and bad in every sector of our wold. Be it the cetaceans, governments, politics, weather reporters, cable guys, etc . . . Just because one person or many are bad in a sector, does not make the whole sector worthless. It just means that some house cleaning is in order. If people are not willing to do the self work to pull this whole revolution off, then the rest of the world needs to view this for what it is – UNWILLINGNESS to try something new for change. A human being grounded in their heart center does not have to lead all the time, they are willing to follow, willing to try new ways to do things and always willing to leave a beautiful impression of new ways to do things with their heart and their actions. There are a lot of minorities who are hurting beyond hurt these days. HELP THEM – they are your brothers and sisters.

Anastasia:  Thank you Granny for sharing your wisdom & overview of knowledge with us.

Granny: Thank you Anastasia for your heart and for not giving up.

Anastasia:  And Thank You Granny for helping me to Wake Up and to take me place upon the Web of Life. I could not have done any of this without you at my side encouraging me and helping me to see the way. I love you; you are family.

Photo by Rankin

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