cosmic energies coming to the planet

Cosmic Energies through the roof.

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Magenta is the color of the Son of our Father’s presence as well as the rainbow swirls of color throughout healing humanity and Mother Earth and all benevoelnt BEings upon the Web of Life. His energies are GINORMOUS.

He’s BACK and peace and love will reign.

Very positive start to my day . . . I made myself get outdoors and refused to take the bait for some chaos and darkenss in my morning with someone in my life who refuses to face reality.

it didn’t start out that way at 4:30 am this morning but I am making it a beautiful day and my hope is . . .

that you have a beautiful day as well.

You and I as humans have a whole lot of power in setting the flow of energy in your world every single day. Make good choices. Our world needs the outcomes of more good choices by humanity.

Step away from toxic people in your life – you can only save yourself people!!! Even if they are related to you and even if they have played an important role in your world. If they are engaging darkness – Drop their Chaos making ways and go deep into your heart and heal . . . You so derserve this.
♡(◠‿◠)♡ Partners in Healing Planet Earth ღ♡ღ

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