blue moon blues

Blue Moon Blues  3/31/18



The full moon on Saturday March 31, 2018 at 10° Libra is a blue moon because it is the second full moon of the calendar month. The Blue Moon March 2018 astrology chart has eight challenging red aspects and one helpful blue aspect. Full Moon March 2018 is a blue moon in every sense of the word.

Mercury retrograde opposite the Blue Moon March 2018 means it will be hard to understand your feelings and even harder to share them. Saturn square the full moon and Mercury brings negative thinking, sadness and loneliness. Worry and fear from fixed stars make this a particularly troubling full moon. Doing nothing and letting the full moon get you down is not an option.

The good thing about challenging aspects is that they force you work hard and improve yourself. The one positive aspect in the full moon chart is helping you positively transform your life in powerful ways. This is a full moon to work with your fears and release them from your subconscious.

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A beautiful message from one of our favorite wise one – an orca by the name of Grannie  –

Click here for full message.

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Popular culture has defined several kinds of Blue Moons, but the one coming up March 31 is relatively rare. It’s the 2nd Blue Moon this year. That hasn’t happened since 1999 and won’t again until 2037! For More on this:

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