whales are keepers of the akashic records and did you know . . .

an akashic healing will change the core of your BEing and your knowing of self like you have NEVER experienced to date.

It will immediately open your heart and your 6th senses wider than you have experience before. It helps open the doors to latent empathic, intuitive and/or psychic skills.

Simply stated it will change your life in the best ways possible.


this is the gift that will keep on giving & giving to the receiver in the highest vibrating energy ways


It is the most powerful healing on our planet at this time.

~It will change your life and rid you of all discordant energies interupting your progress in life.

We will balance your energy chakras.

We will discover your past lives

We will discover what has been holding you back and the gifts your bring to our planet at this time.

~We can talk about whale and dolphin guides to help you on your journey. All beings I work with are benevolent and work for our Creator as do I. We are doing this for humanity and all life upon the Web of Life under our Father’s love.


This will be the best overall overhaul of all the lifetimes you have lived and it will bring out your positive traits and help you handle the discordant energies and get rid of them out of your energy field in most all cases. In cases  where we can’t we will teach you how to o this for yourself multiple times a day.

Bring your questions for our Father, the Creator and we will let him answer anything you want to know at the end of your session.

Plan on 45-90 minutes for a clearing. We will do this by Skype if you are international brother or sister or by phone if in the US.

Email me at anastasia@whalecommunicators.com or at am@conversations.solutions or both as I do have problems with hacking and gang stalking (thank you in advance)


from those who sought out this healing . . .

It is time to update you on how things are going.You know, I have lived my whole life with terrible anxiety and totally stress out. Since the Akashic Record Clearing this is totally gone !! Unbelievable but true. Not a trace. I am filled with love and calm. I feel like I am back on track and cannow start planning and creating my life instead of just hanging in there for dear life. I can now focus on a few things and work on these. I have gotten great insights in things that were going on in my life. I realized that I had always had an issue with not being seen, heard, understood and acknowledged. I am working on that now. I have been sending love around the globe. This morning it was like a layer of blue fuzz totally encompassing the world and then infusing the water with white light to energize with love and respect and harmony. I have also noticed that now I can breathe with my whole body instead with just my upper body. It feels so good! Because of the breathing it is very easy to connect with the whales and go deep into presence. I liked your 12-12-12 video and meditation. That’s when I noticed this. Hope you are well. Much love and thanks. ~Pauli

Anastasia’s clearing was an amazing and deep experience, and it has taken me great reflection to grasp the depth of the work she did in clearing my records. There have been deeply ingrained insecurities that have vanished from my being, as have the different ways they manifested themselves. The night of my clearing I had a wonderful dream about my animal guide (bear), who had also visited Anastasia in ordinary reality the day of my clearing (the Universe works in beautifully strange ways). I am only 21 years old and a 30 hour per week volunteer and a full-time student. Needless to say, I haven’t got an impressive income. Yet, I have NEVER felt so good about something I’ve spent my money on, though it was an incredibly reasonable amount in the first place. My soul clearing was a major part of my journey in this life, and it will benefit me for many lifetimes. If there is any one thing that you can do to benefit you for years (and incarnations) to come, it is this! May the Great Spirit bless Anastasia and her beautiful work.  ~Brian


Namaste Anastasia! I hope this finds you doing really awesome in your new home. So much wonderful shifting has happened for me since our Session!! You are a powerful healer of the Akashic records my dear friend! 🙂 My income has doubled, my communications with the Cetaceans feels so different, more physical and exciting people are popping into my life! I’ll need another session soon!
Just wanted to make sure you received my email for my communication with the Pilot Whale pod in Norway. Was so beautiful to be with them in sacred space.
Love you Anastasia and thank you again for being such an amazing Human Being in my life!

In the post above Shannon writes, I’ll need another session soon, I wrote her back and told her that once your akashic records are cleared, you should not need another clearing unless you have had a major life crisis or you just want to make sure you are clear of the negative energies that might have attached themselves after the clearing. For a energy check after a clearing – it should never take anyone more than 5-15 minutes to clear. Please be leery when people tell you need multiple akashic record clearings to get you where you need to be. We are moving into times where we have the powers within to bring to the surface and share with the world. No one should be dependent on a teacher, guru or guide at this time. This is a time of unique self empowerment. You have all the tools within yourselves and should never need extensive work on your akashic records. Filter all information through your hearts Pod Mates for your truths – You are the only one with that answer :o) ~Anastasia

I consider myself to have done a remarkable lot of personal healing in my life. I guide, help, teach and empower others on their spiritual and healing journey. That being said, even once you feel you are healed, there can still be, in the vast dimensions of your being and soul, some places that still feel blocked, stuck or negative. Knowing that whales are the record keepers, I felt drawn to Anastasia and the opportunity to do the ultimate spring cleaning of my akashic records. I recently just cleaned up about a year’s worth of papers from my files and things from my cupboards that needed to be cleaned out as well. It is amazing how something like that, that isn’t visible, makes such an energetic difference. My husband exclaimed, that even though the house looks the same, it feels lighter and brighter. THAT is how it is with Anastasia and the Spiritual Response Therapy. Anastasia is empathetic and an expert in facilitating this process. I feel a profound happiness that I have had the opportunity to have this clearing done. It is tangible from the moment Anastasia starts working. I felt release, relief, joy, affirmation and lots of good energy strengthened. Thank you Anastasia! and thank you dear Whales, for your tremendous healing presence and support. ~Chanda

I am so deeply grateful for the gift of Anastasia. After she did my clearing for me my whole life changed for the better. I became so clear of what I was called to do. I did it and then came the most beautiful closure to the relationship I was in …. and then…. my soul mate found me! Our mission together is clear and we are on it. I am no longer bound by the karma, the mind battles of long held hurt, or any lack of self worth. Now is the TIME! ~ Thank you Anastasia. ~Cleo

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