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fashion is embedded with the dark cancerous underbelly of our world

Are you a Satanista or Fashionista? The fashion world has been horribly corrupted!!! So have our interior decorating options and choices for what we put in our homes. Notice all the red houses or red doors in our neighborhoods or … Continue reading

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kite boarding with whales and friends . . .

Excellent video   I have to share one more video. An incredible video that shares with humanity how animals can see underwater, as in the ocean. So very cool to watch how an octupus adapts to his environment. Just breath … Continue reading

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Cloning Humans with Reptilians (Grays)

  In Dec 2015 I discovered that several relatives of mine were involved in a reptilian/gray/human hybrid breeding program in our military (Army/Marine Core). I was rocked into a longer period of silence that would not last as long as  … Continue reading

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