Cloning Humans with Reptilians (Grays)



CloseUp of my niece a few days after my father’s funeral on my brother’s porch with his daughter (her cousin-not pictured) conjuring up a demonic witch.

In Dec 2015 I discovered that several relatives of mine were involved in a reptilian/gray/human hybrid breeding program in our military (Army/Marine Core). I was rocked into a longer period of silence that would not last as long as  my original 3 year confinement from the horrors (demonic & satanic witchcraft) that began to hit me hard in late 2012 and has run my Whale Communicators business, my home situation, and my income deep into the ground. This dark magic still occurs daily today. The only difference is when it starts to get heavy again – I know I am truly doing God’s work and they need to stop me but can’t touch me now.


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To say I have grown from this would be the biggest understatement of the year. I have so much to share and there is so much for all of us to SEE. And it does not belong in the dark. It belongs on a heaven upon Earth and within our Universe where the human race and all benevolent BEings can live in Unity upon our dear Mother Earth and experience life without the chains of slavery weighing each and every one of us down.

 redeyedkristintimurcrazyredeyedWe are told this is red eye and it is something the camera does. I call BullShit and ‘major lie’ on this. The eyes are the reflection of the soul and many Native Americans in my country won’t allow cameras, let alone pictures be taken on their reserviations. Why you ask? Because they knwo it reflects the soul and messes with the soul. Upon closer examination of each and ever photo, it gets quite chilling to connect the dots of these pictures. All of Hollywood does it.

In the last 5 years the eyes glow red (satanics, luciferianism, demonics) and glow white (illuminated ones) Sometimes Luciferians (the illuminated ones) glow white as well. I first discovered this about 2 years ago.

For how many years now have they tried to tell us this is red eye and needs camera adjustment of photo editing. BULLSH%T. This is a reflection of the soul’s darkness or their light. And this is a soul who sold out under wicked circumstances. I use to love these souls but they cast me out decades ago. Now I fully understand why.

I have seen some disturbing pictures of young boys with their first deer kill literally red eyes rolling and a sneer on their face that should stop a mother dead in her tracks. Chilling, when I find the photo I took of the photo I will try to post it.

Wake Up – You Are So Incredible.

There is no one like you on our Earth or within our Universe. Your vibration is unique and so rare and wonderful. Stand in your heart and shine this vibration outwards. Your heart always reflects truth. Our best filter in the human body.


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