Living a life of deception . . .

two-faces-dali-style-71476has been the norm in our world for thousands of years. When I began this part of this journey in late 2012 I would come to find out that 66% of the souls on Planet Earth here were persuaded and under the influence of demonic and satanic possession thru the secret socieities of our world. Including religious orders (Catholic church being one of the worst offenders), government institutions, the military,  the masons, the shriners, the royal families around our world, etc . . . etc . . .   All putting a face on for the public while doing something quite deceptive behind everyone’s backs. People acting one way while they knew perfectly well they lived by other rules and when they had an opening they made fun of you and your kind and even set up many of your downfalls and dissappointments. And then to make this horrendous behvior worst, they  then sat back and literally (energetically) fed off your grief, your pain and your fear all while lowering your vibration and putting you in a tough space for their entertainment or feeding pleasures.

What goes around comes around and I am seeing some amazing things in our world with what is coming to fruition on our planet. The darkness has no ummmmp left.  Check out this video of ligtening striking Disneyland. I would hate to be in Disneyland’s shoes after what they have done to the childhoods of millions. Research Walt Disney’s character – he was missing several brain & heart chips and was a horrific pervert who used children.

I have been living undercover since late 2012 when I was sideswiped with black magic and the black arts via Facebook, my websites, my emails and in real life. I would come to learn this is what was invented by Hitler in World War II; it’s called gangland stalking. And it is quite interesting to see how little information is truly out there about this when it is controlling societies all around our world.

paul-watson_fingerMany people in the industry of the whales and dolphins were behind this. It all began with a threat from a man named Bartok Ramsey and claimed to be making a move about the slaughter of the pilot whales in the Faroe islands. He got mad at me because I would not allow him to put a picture of a female whale with her belly slit and her fetus layign next to her on the beach. He was crazy angry and threatened me that he was going to sic the sea sheperd boys on me. And he did. And when I reached out to Paul Watson  (head of the Sea Sheperd & Whale Wars orgs) and shared Bartok’s message with Paul as long with Rick Obarry about the anger and bullies in this field. Both ignored me.

Then Paul began writing up some of his own communication (egads! . . . not sure who he was talking to) and then when my Facebook page was taken down amongst the thousands of attacks by members of HIS organization that he heads – Mr Watson wouldn’t accept me back on his page (too old a female and not subservient enough for this bully would be my guess) after he and his did a huge number of destruction on me and my businesses. I couldn’t understand when I was in the depth of the attacks in 2013 why all these well established people (all friends and partners of Pauls organization friended me and hung out on my personal page perusing what I was doing constantly. I am talking hundreds not just one. Then when I was taken down they watched in silence and no telling what other energies they were adding to this heap of shit I had been served up by Paul Watson and coharts. And trust me, it was not just these bad boys doing it – this industry is innodated with darkness all around the whales and dolphins. Don’t want humans enlightened from them, this I know for sure.

So since this time I have been run out of business for healing and selling our elearning DVD. And I have spent 40 hours a week or more doing blessings for Mother Earth and our entire Universe. I work with a huge ethereal team lead by Granny, a beautiful orca and too many other beauties (men and women of all species) to mention in this one post :o)

We have been cleaning the dark spirits off the planet as well. I had been warned that I would die doing this by Mary Getten (the communicator on our DVD)  and a few people I met through her. And I responded to Mary, I can’t sit back like you and your friends and pretend I stand for something in support of saving the animals by emails and signing electronic petitions that never go anywhere.


Pray for those who have done so much bad in our world because the Spirit World of God is taking things back now. I sure would hate to be in any one their shoes now. I am seeing things out here and I am seeing black magic powers ineffective with those for so long whohave side swiped those around them.



For any of you out there who being victimized by souless bullies, click here to find some good information about how to protect yourself and shine the light on this garbage.


It is bitter sweet to see the pendulum swinging back and taking care of this darkness that has deceived our world and lied to us for much too long now.



Wake Up World and take responsibility for your life, for Mother Earth and for our World. Help us eradicate darkness from this planet. And don’t fall for the bullshit line that you have to have light with the dark – shadows and all. We don’t have to have this kind of darkness at all anymore. It is time for heaven upon Earth to return and it won’t be camouflaged as the New World Order. It will be lead by God as it was always intended to be and human hearts will have a huge part in this reclamation of what was always our divine birthright. A life full of love, Joy, Bliss and so much happiness that you can’t fathom the opportunities this will bring forth for you in a world without mass deception.

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