magic in the inbetween

This is quite the orca encounter.

Watch the whole setting as this woman and this orca connect. Watch closely as the sun reflects off the water and then off the water reflected on the orcas nose. Then the smoke mist exhale. You capture the sparks of magic upon the web of life in these orca human interactions or cetacean/human interactions. You won’t ever be the same.

This is the place between you and the Universe. Much like the muscles in your body are wrapped in the protective coating of the fascia keeping everything together in the human body.

This magic, like the crystal geometry on the surface of the water, starts in the in-between world. That space in-between us. The Universe’s in-between space; the space where our Creator stores all the magic & connectivity to every other thing in our Universe.

The fascia of the Universe & within our inner planets gets it all started and firing properly through our hearts and it spreads out like only energy does in billows and flows . . . as it changes the world.

Heart Communicators, formerly known as Whale Communicators



As this hummer points his belly towards the boat and swims underneath – not only does this display a sign of trust exposing their belly like this. They are lining themselves up to blast those in the boat with some massive orca heart energy. Nothing like – a natural high for at least 36 hours or more. You won’t EVER forget it or that popping noise as they hit the surface to take a breath.


~♡~ ne World P♡d ~♡~

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