They are culling our numbers in our world

Doesn’t matter who you are, eventually they will get to you and continue their culling process. They just need you to clean up the mess of the first few waves of people they attempt to cull.


Mother Earth does NOT do her weather patterns like this. She has not been in control of her weather for decades now. HAARP is! Click on graphic to enlarge it.

Wake Up World

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We need a miracle to right this mess this darkness has laid upon us. Here are some links and suggestions on how you might do this. Then speak up and share this link or the message with our world people. Thank you!   ~Anastasia


The Way of Waking Up by Alan Watts

NOTE:  Lots of dark symbolism in this video. Wake Up World – Take the good out of this and leave the bad. Do this in all things you do going forward in our world. There are good and bad people in every walk of life and every religion and every business and corporation. This is the time in our history for major DISCERNMENT.

Walk away from the darkness and gather with those people who are geniune and come from their hearts effortlessly. Not these false light followers of lucifer.

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