severe weather warfare manuevers happening all over globe

the dark cancerous underbelly of our world is acting up HORRIBLY this month.

Weather manipulations can make waves or tsunamis when you push a button on the HAARP machine. Check out this article   ‘Strange waves rippled around the world, and nobody knows why’ put out by National Geographic. And let me tell you – National Geographic is misleading the masses as to why this would be happening. They are a very part of the problem in our world. You don’t make the kind of money National Geographic makes without cow tailing to your leadership and dark alliances.


Stay in your hearts. Do not panic or go to fear. Imagine how this will looked heal and project that energy out into our Universe and sit or meditate and give huge waves of LOVE to our Mother Earth. These are the days of miracles Pod Mates!!!

Heavy duty HAARP activity all over our world this past month. Very escalated occurrences of horrible violations of Mother Earth. In Colorado Springs where I am living right now there is so much fracking in broad daylight right in major thoroughfares. They just put up the orange cones (owned by the College (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) where all the blood rituals are happening in the hills of Palmer Park)



Click on graphics to enlarge them.

Stay in our hearts and centered and balanced. We need your energy in a good even kill place. Avoid the chaos in our world. Eat healthy, drink lots of water. Please do land and water blessings or prayers from your home and light up the Web of Life with us daily or multiple times a day.



Mother Earth would appreciate anything and everything humanity can give to her at this time in the exchange of love and support. Land and water blessings do so much to support her. She is being hammered so bad by the weather warfare system known as HAARP.




Sending love, our Father’s love and healing, sending loving energies, or just being present in the moment with Mother Earth for while helps her immensely. She is an energetic BEing, she has consciousness and she feels this from all of us. Here are some examples of things we can do for water and land blessings. Also be sure to read Dr Emotos work on water crystals – powerful stuff there.


Beautiful energies hitting our planet in November 2018. Great things happening in the Spirit World – Change is in the air.





A 7.0 earthquake hits Alaska Nov 20, 2018. Another HAARP weather warfare contribution to Mother Earth and humanity.

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